Employee Relocation Services in Delhi and Gurgaon

Packers and Movers companies offers complete start to end employee relocation services in Delhi NCR (Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and nearby cities). Employee relocation services are similar to the usual household relocation services that movers and packers companies offer. But the difference is in the way they are hired and paid.

When you hire a packers and movers in Delhi for household relocation services, you deal with the movers and packers directly without any interference of your employer. You may have the facility to produce the bills of relocation services and get compensated after moving and relocating. But that may not be the case all the time especially if you are self employed, you know that you have to bear the costs of relocation services that you are availing.

Employee Relocation Services

Employee relocation services in Delhi and Gurgaon is very popular because there are several big corporate houses and multinational companies who help their employees in relocating their household goods and family. In case of corporate sponsored relocation, you hardly have to do anything because the human resource department of your organization may be of good use. You HR manager may suggest a few packers and movers companies to you so that you can take quotations from them and submit it for approval to the relevant department or authorities in your organization. On approval, the service provider will be relocating your household goods.

Once the relocation is complete and you are happy with the relocation services offered to you, you will be forwarding your approval for release of the payments to the movers and packers’ companies or the relocation service provider.

Types of Employee Relocation Services

There are many ways your employer would help you in relocating your household materials when you get promoted and/or transferred.

Employer managed employee relocation service

Employer managed relocation services are one where most of the coordination is done by the employers. They may have tie-ups with few selected relocation service providers in Delhi or Gurgaon. When they need such relocation services to help their employees, they will call these relocation companies and ask for quotations.

Based on rates and charges of those relocation companies, your employer will select a service provider and approve their quotations. You can schedule a date for packing and relocating and get your goods relocated. On successful completion of relocation, your employer will make payments to the relocation company; obviously on your approval. Here’s a detailed post on how corporate relocation works and its benefits for employers and employee.

Self managed employee relocation services

Self managed employee relocation service is one where your employer won’t be able to help you in finding and hiring a relocation service provider. But they will be happy to compensate the bills of movers and packers for the shifting services that you have availed.

So you have to go through and find a service provider, do the negotiation, get your goods relocated and pay to the movers and packers company. Later, you can produce the bills to your employer for re-imbursement. So basically you are doing everything except that the bills will be reimbursed when you produce to your employer.

Here’s how to find a mover for employee relocation services in Delhi

Whether you are an HR manager or you are an employee, if you are looking to find competent and relevant movers and packers who offer relocation services to employees in Delhi NCR region (Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Noida etc) then here’s a simple solution for you.

Simply post your household shifting and relocation requirements on ServiceSutra to get matched with trusted relocation service providers in Delhi NCR.

Or else you may also like to find contact details of such relocation companies and call them one after the other to find out the rates and charges of home shifting and relocation services.

Once you have the estimates in hand, you can evaluate their offers and compare their expertise and credibility and choose one who offers you better deal and looks impressive in their approach.


Employee relocation services are offered by packers and movers companies who also offer household relocation services to individual companies. Usually movers and packers companies have tie-ups with the big corporate houses to help them relocate their employees from one city to another. Since payment part of the relocation required approval from the employers not all packers and movers companies feel comfortable doing employee relocation.

If you are looking for a packers and movers who have experience of handling employee relocation services in Delhi and Gurgaon then we can help you. Post your requirements here or calls us on 9831329628 to receive calls and offers from trusted employee relocation service providers in Delhi NCR.

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