Corporate Relocation Services by Movers Packers in India

Corporate relocation services are offered by movers and packers companies to help employers relocate their employees from one city to another city in case of a transfer. It could be well within India or even abroad. There are plenty of things that have to be looked after like relocation of household goods, finding a new place to stay, travel arrangements for the employee and much more.

Movers and packers companies in India have started offering complete end to end corporate relocation services to big corporate houses. The best part of corporate relocation services are that the employee or the employer can relax while their relocation partner can handle everything from packing and shifting of domestic household goods to booking tickets for the travel and making other arrangements at the destination.

Corporate Relocation Services

This post is to talk about corporate relocation services and what specific services are offered by movers and packers companies in such arrangements.

Benefits of corporate relocation services for employers?

Employers can do a tie up with the movers and pacers companies so that they can take care of relocation needs of their employee whenever there is a need. They can mutually discuss the basic needs and terms of services as well as terms of payments. Once they both agree, everything including the terms of service can be put on to a paper. Employers can even have such tie ups with two or three different relocation companies so that they can even cross check their quotes on case to case basis.

Whenever an employee gets transferred, the HR manager can simply ask the employee to speak with the movers and packers companies enlisted on board and seek their availability and tentative quotations for the job.  

Once the quotation is submitted, they can decide on a ny one of the mover and packers company and get the job done.

Advantages of corporate relocation services for employee

Ultimately it’s the employee who will be moving and she/he is the one who get the real benefit of such arrangements. Employee in question can simply forward the proposal obtained from the movers and packers companies for approval.

Once the HR manager approves a quotation, employee can schedule a date and time for packing and moving. Movers and packers company will come and pack everything and get it delivered at the new city. Once items have been received in safe and sound condition, they can sign the delivery challan.

If your company does not have such tie ups, you may like to check this post on employee relocation services in Delhi and Gurgaon (India).

How does the payment work in corporate relocation?

Once the good are delivered and delivery challan has been signed by the employee, movers and packers can submit the bill for final payments. Employers usually ask the movers to attach the delivery challan and if all is okay, the payment is released to the mover.

Movers and packers companies are putting more effort in doing corporate tie ups with major companies where a number of staff are transferred every year from one branch to another and from one city to another city.

It is much easier for them because they get bulk orders from a corporate house and thus they can focus more on serving them well without worrying about generating new enquiries from individuals. For corporate companies, it’s a good idea because their employees can relocate without any hassle. Most of the corporate companies anyways pay the relocation allowances to their employees. But when they have tie-ups with corporate relocation service providers, they have better control over the process and costs of relocating their employees.

How ServiceSutra can help?

If you are en employer and looking for a partner who could help you with relocation needs of your employees then we can help you find such movers and packers companies across all major cities in India. Whatever relocation or storage needs your employees may have, we’ll be able to match you with relocation companies who specialize in handling corporate relocation assignments.

If you are looking for a reliable and cost effective relocation partner in India then we can help you. Just call us on 07044-123404 and we’ll be happy to assist in the best possible ways.

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