Empty Corner in Living Room: Here’s how to fill it creatively

Decorating an empty corner in living room or bedroom can be challenging at times. We fail to figure out whether we should keep a lamp on a round table or put a house plant over there. This is a very common problem faced by many people, but very few of them notice it, or think of filling up the emptiness of the living room. Decorating or filling an empty corner in living room isn’t difficult at all, but is extremely tricky. Sometimes it’s just fine to leave a corner empty depending upon what else is going on in your space, but other times there’s a corner that feels like it needs something.

Filing the empty corner in living room

Filling up the empty corners of your living room can be challenging. But you can use your imagination and wit to come-up with multiple ideas to fill the empty corner.

Ways to fill empty corner in living room


If you are unable to figure out what to do with the empty corner then this post is for you. I am sharing lots of tips and ways to decorate these empty corners. Here are a few ideas which you can try in decorating the empty corners of your living area.

Make shelves

If you feel that your empty corner needs something to cover it up, then the best option would be shelves. Shelves will not just help you to occupy the empty spaces in your living room, but will help you to keep/store things over the shelves. For instance, if you are a bookworm, you could store books on the shelves, or else you can simply purchase showpieces and other decorative items, and put them over the shelves. So, whether you buy a freestanding shelf, or a wall fitted one for the empty corners, both will work equally as a means to fill up the empty corners of your living room.

Place a desk

Desks are not just a piece of furniture that’s placed only in study rooms, kid’s room, or a home-office; it can also be used to fill the empty corner of the living room. So, if you have an extra desk at your home, do not store it or sell it! Instead, utilize it to fill your living room’s empty corner.

Use plants

Large plants are very nice decorative elements for any and every room. But, they occupy a lot of space, which is why the corners are perfect for placing them inside the room. Plants evoke an environmental friendly feeling in the house, so you can buy a big plant and place it in an empty corner of the living room.

Set a corner chair

Yes, you are reading it right. Chairs can be used to occupy the empty corner of your living room. Purchase a vintage high back chair, or just a chair which has got some statement, and place it at the empty corner of your living room. You can also add a tiny table along with it.

Add a lamp

Floor lamps are easily available in the markets, and are an excellent item that can illuminate your room, as well as make it look decorated. So, you can purchase, or if you already have one then place the empty corner of your living room. An oversized lamp or a stylish lamp will fill the emptiness, and enhance the elegance of the living-room.

Place a display cabinet

A display cabinet that is built in or freestanding makes good use of a corner of your living room. Keep pretty dishes, showpieces, and other display items in it. It will fill the empty corner of the living room, as well as decorate it.

Wall art

If there is nothing you have that can be placed in an empty corner of your living room, then simply use some pieces of framed portraits, or frame your best photographs and decorate the wall near the empty corner of the living room. This will reduce the emptiness completely. You may like to check this post for tips and idea to decorate your living room for less

Over to you

Hope you liked the tricks that can help you fill up the empty corners? These tricks will definitely help you out in filling the empty corners in living room. So, from now onwards, avoid keeping the corners of your living room empty and spoil its look. Instead use these ideas, and experiment with your living room. If you have any additional ideas to decorate the empty corner of a living room, then share with us without any hesitation.

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