5 Quick Ways To Get More Natural Light In Your Home

How to get more natural light in your homeNothing can beat the experience of living in a house with access to natural light and natural fresh air. Natural light or the sun light is very much beneficial for the overall well being of you and your family. The natural lights are capable to cure many illnesses and diseases. It brings positivity and uplift up your mood. If your sweet home is designed in a way that looks dark and confined, there is no need to worry. Because you can actually maximize the natural light and get more of it with small little tweaks and makeover. In this post, I will discuss about how to design or do a minor makeover for your home to get more natural light and fresh air.

Be it seasonal affective disorders, or random mood swings, all these can be cured naturally by the natural lights. The sun rays do not just kill the germs, but it also enhances the beauty of your home. The design and the layout should be such that it does not obstruct the natural lights and fresh air to enter the home. Nothing can beat the joy of living in a spacious, bright and beautiful home where you get both natural light and fresh air.

How to get more natural light in your home

A bright, airy and a spacious home is always beautiful no matter what accessories you put inside. The natural lights, the greenery outside, all these things can change the look and ambience of your entire home. Natural light can make your home bright and beautiful. Ideally the home should be designed in such a way that it allows natural light and fresh air. If you are planning to construct a house or want to renovate the house, here’s what you can do to get more natural light and make your home light, refreshing and comfortable.

Natural lights coming through curtains

  • Doors and windows: The more the number of doors and windows, the more airy and bright the room will be. In my previous home, I had only one window in my bedroom, and only 5 windows in the entire home, you can well imagine that my home used to look like a deep dark cave, with scanty lights sprouting here and there. But, then we moved in a new home, here there are so many huge windows all around. In my bedroom I have 5 windows, attached to it is a balcony. The morning sun rays just play in my room, cheering my mood every single day. Open the windows in the morning, early morning if the day time is very hot and stuffy, and then enjoy ample natural lights.
  • Sky lights: The sky lights are a great way to allow the natural lights in to the room. If you are designing a skylight in your room, then you can enjoy the sun pitched against the bright blue sky. You can literally live with sky overhead, not just the concrete ceiling. If you are installing the skylights, then you can save some walls and then decorate the walls with things you want. Open the skylights in the night, and fall asleep under the dark starry sky! Sounds fun, right?
  • Balcony: Your home must have one balcony, whatever the size of the balcony is. The balcony can be huge like a room or a small one enough for two people to stand there. The balcony can help you to make your home look closer to nature, you can decorate the balcony with some potted plants, some hanging flowers and few mattress or cushions, you can decorate the area the way you want it, but the home must have one balcony, attached to any rooms of the house.
  • East facing spaces: Be it the balcony or the windows, you can design them facing east, so that you can enjoy the first golden rays of the sun every single day. The east facing windows are also beneficial; they will allow the sun lights when the sun is not that strong and scorching yet in comparison to the noon. During the noon, when the sun will be scorching, the lights will be automatically obstructed, and you can keep your windows open though!
  • Glass walls: You can replace one of the walls of the room, with glass wall. Huge and hard glass walls look gorgeous in homes; they will allow you to enjoy natural lights, nature. Imagine that it is raining heavy, and you are just enjoying it through the crystal clear glass walls, relaxing in your bedroom. Or imagine the view through the glass wall when the eastern horizon is blushing with the soft rays of the sun. Your home will look like a perfect getaway, a nature resort!

Over to you

Now that you have read the post, do you want to make your home a perfect getaway? Do you want to enjoy the natural lights which will brighten up your mood? If yes, then follow the tips we have discussed to get more natural light, and enjoy a healthy and cheerful stay. Your home will automatically look good if it’s bright, cleaned and well organized. So start with allowing natural light and air live healthy.

Do you get enough light in the house? How did you manage to allow more natural light?

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