Home shifting in India: 8 Essential Prerequisites

Do not stay blinded with colorful dreams that you dream during home shifting homes. The attention stays mostly on how to decorate your new home when it actually does not work that way. Home shifting is although exciting, it involves a lot of hassles.  Most of the time it happens that frustration rules over the excitement of going to the new place.  Home shifting in India is easier planned than done. If you are not serious about it, you are definitely going to put things at sixes and sevens at one point of the time because home shifting is a really lengthy process, if not very complicated.

Hence, as it goes, prevention is better than cure, certain steps, if followed, helps to make the shifting experience quite an enjoyable one. These are the basics and you can build up on these and improvise your own plan of action for a safer and affordable home shifting. 

Home shifting in India: 8 Essential Prerequisites

Essential prerequisites for safer and affordable home shifting in India

Every home shifting is unique because of the circumstances, distance, and inventory and most importantly depending on the movers and packers service provider you are dealing with. But here are some of the most essential and basic principles you ignore at your own costs.

So are you ready to check them out? Here you go.

  1. First things first. Preparing and categorizing each and every item in your house and chalking out a list on the same is very important. This will help to reach out for the required packers and movers who will cater to your needs and requirements.
  2. Household items that can be packed on your own need no care from the professional side. So find suitable packing items from the market and do the needful. Do not increase the load by trying to pack stuff that are not required. This will only add to your cost and do nothing substantial. However, do not compromise on the quality of the packing items lest you should cause damage to your goods. It is best to retain the cartons of items that you buy such as mostly the electronic items like television, microwave oven and the like because they come in handy during the packing procedure.
  3. Prepare a budget and do enough research on every packer and mover company before deciding on any one of them. See to it that the budget prepared conforms to the average rate provided by all the services in general. Cost estimation is a must again and it should be done in black and white.
  4. It is necessary that the professional help that you are relying on is ready to take responsibilities of their staff if there is damage due to any human error or any accident unlooked for. It is important that a thorough enquiry is made on the possibility of coverage of insurance and compensatory steps on the same. If possible, try and get reviews about the packers and movers that you have chosen so that you form an idea about their efficacy.
  5. Keep important documents under your care. Do not overburden the movers and packers company with insignificant items like files, folders and all. Carry these items along with you in your car. Even car is included in the shifting list.
  6. While professional movers and packers companies provides you with maximum assistance, you quickly complete the official works such as transferring or closing the bank accounts, hunting down schools for your kids, convince your family and yourself about the change that is to come to your lives. Give yourself free time to ponder over the possibilities to be. One must be mentally prepared about the change that is inevitable and also a future thinking that this shifting again may not be a permanent one.
  7. The final transactions should never be done over phone calls. You must meet the company in person to know whether the company actually exists. Involve no agents or middleman whatsoever to ensure that your valuable items of the household are in safe hands. Try and use cheques or debit card for transaction and avoid using liquid cash.
  8. Guide the staff as they carry on their task of packing, moving and transporting and do not leave them on their own. If you can, make a relative accompany the driver of the lorry/truck that carries the bulk items. It is just another way to stay extra careful because these are your belongings and you just cannot afford it to take them for granted.

These are some of the basic principles on which the plan of action during packing and moving has to be based. Following these will ensure a good, secure and safe way of home shifting in India.

Over to you

There are more than just what have been mentioned above as you go deeper into the process. By taking good care and keeping a close watch on the process, you can have an interesting ‘shifting’ experience in your life. Once should be enough for you to gain experience in case you had to do the same next time.

The best thing to do is to keep a track record of the daily developments while the process is on. It proves to be useful for any future needs. Who knows when you might need it again? You could also do the same to help a friend or relative of yours who is exposed to this arduous task for the first time. It is always good to help yourself as well as ones that matter to you.

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