Tips for Effortless Household Packing and Shifting in India

You may have to go through a lot of hassles when you wish to do household packing and shifting in India. Among all other tasks, packing of household goods and home appliances is one of the most crucial processes that you have to go through when relocating and moving your household goods. Even if you have decided to hire a movers service, it’s going to be hectic for you to search and choose movers and packers. But once you get hold of a reliable movers and packers, you are half done.

But in case you have decided to do the packing and shifting yourself then you have to be very careful with packing. Proper packing is going to be a neck cracking experience for you. You have to ensure that all your essential goods are packed in such a way that it can be easily transported. Therefore, proper packing of all the essential goods is very critical, for a safe and secured relocation.
Essential Household Packing and Shifting Tips

Tips to do household packing and shifting

If you are wondering how to pack and shift your home essentials, here are some most important and essential packing tips that will help you a lot while relocation.

1. Its very important to by sufficient packing materials like cardboard box, bubbles, tapes, threads, cushions, and etc, before packing and shifting of home. You can also use the old newspapers to ensure safety.

2. Unless it’s a huge home appliance, try keeping the weight of the packed boxes below 50 Kg. This will ensure easy lifting at the time of loading and unloading.

3. Put heavier items at the bottom of the box, in order to ensure it doesn’t break or damage the delicate goods, in the moving process.

4. Use cushions inside the boxes to ensure extra safety.

5. Pack all same items, or similar sized items in a group, inside one box.

6. Pack small items in a smaller box, and then put a few of them (low weights) in one single large box. This will help you a lot while loading, and unloading things into the truck.

7. Seal each and every boxes very properly. In fact, you must tape all the items inside the box, to ensure it doesn’t move, or gets damaged while loading or unloading them.

8. While packing furnitures, make sure to put all the nuts, bolts, screw and other tiny stuffs, in one small plastic bag, or something similar. This will make it easier for you to find them, while you are re-assembling.

9. All cables and wires of your electronic appliances should be labelled properly, and packed together nicely.

10. Label the boxes properly, so that you can find them easily. Ideally, you should mark them by the room’s name as well, and not just the item’s name. This will help you at the time of unpacking, and re-arranging all the goods.

Over to you

Home shifting is not at all complicated, especially when you have time to plan and prepare yourself, and have helping hands that would help you through the entire process. But, if you want to get the best offers from some of the well-known Packers and Movers in your city, then we can help you easily. We can empower you with multiple options, so that you can compare and evaluate well, and then take a proper decision.

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