How to Help Dog and Puppy Adjust to Your New Home After Moving

It’s not easy to adjust after moving to a new home. It takes some time to get familiar and comfortable in a new environment. Same happens with most of the pets, especially with dogs. Dogs are the creatures of habits. Any change in home environment can actually cause a lot of anxiety and distress to a dog or puppy. If you are moving to a new home or apartment with your dog then you have to help dog adjust to your new home. You have to ease it out and if you are wondering about how to get it right, then here’s the post worth checking. Today, I am going to share a few of the quick and easy ways to help dog or puppy adjust to your new apartment.

How to help dog and puppy adjust to your new home
How to help dog and puppy adjust to your new home

Moving to a whole new place, especially with dog or other pet is quite a big change for all of us. Humans are considered to be the superior beings and hence they can try and adjust to the new environment. But, have you ever thought about your dog or puppy? How your dog is going to react after moving from a familiar environment to a totally new and unfamiliar home? It’s not going to be easy for your dog to adjust to the place.

Your dog was so long accustomed to your old home. And sudden shift to your new home may actually bring a lot of behavioral changes in your dog. Your dog may behave weirdly and do things that it has never done before. This is quite common. So, instead of panicking, you need to stay calm and help your dog get adjusted to the new home and environment.

If you have a dog, I am sure you would know that dog or any pet for that matter, get attached to its owner and everything that they have been so long familiar with. So when you are moving into a new home or ‘setup, you have to be ready to ease them out. Obviously they can tell you, but, they will definitely show some signs if they are anxious with the change in their living environment.

You have to understand the symptoms and help your dog adjust to your new home. Ideally, the best thing to do is to bring the changes slowly instead of making complete change in the environment. But if that’s not possible, then you have to help your dog get adjusted to your new home and environment.

Help your dog adjust to your new home easily

It’s not going to be easy to adjust to a completely new environment and if you have a pet dog, you got to be very careful when moving. You and your family can clearly understand that you are moving to the new apartment to live comfortably. But you have to ease out your dog, because they won’t find it easy to get adjusted.

Your dog will keep searching for things that it was accustomed to, and the moment your dog does not get it, it is bound to get anxious. To avoid that and to make your dog comfortable in the new environment, you can try several tricks.

Listed below are a few of the best ways to help your dog adjust to your new home fast and easily.

Keep yourself calm

Relocating to a new apartment, especially to a different city can be stressful and hectic at times. But you need to stay calm as much as possible not just for your own good but for the sake of your dog as well.

As you know, dogs are great observers, and they are highly perceptible to human emotions, if they see you stressed, they will stressed as well. So, the more stressed out you become; the more anxious your dog is going to get.

Hence, it is seriously important to keep yourself calm and behave normally in front of your dog. Give it the attention and care you normally do to ease it out in your new apartment.

Familiarize to new environment

You can easily help your dog adjust to your new home by slowly familiarizing it to the new environment. If you are moving locally within same city, then you got an advantage. You can actually try and make your dog or puppy get familiar with the new environment even before you finally move.

Wondering how? Well, what you can do is, take your dog for walks in your new neighborhood frequently. This way, your dog will start liking the new place. In fact, you can also take it inside your new home, if that’s possible to familiarize it with the overall environment.

This is going to be very effective in easing them out.  When you put them in a completely new home all of a sudden they are going to get uncomfortable.

But when you familiarize them slowly before moving to your new apartment permanently; your dog will already become comfortable with the place.

Avoid washing the bedding of your dog

When you are moving to your new space, for the first few days your dog will be constantly searching for familiar things. But, in a totally new environment and new home, that may be a little tough. Hence, the best way to deal with this and help your dog to get adjusted to your new home is to avoid washing your dog’s beds and blankets for a few days.

This way your dog will get familiar scent from the unwashed beds and the blankets and that itself will give them some comfort in an environment where nothing smells same.

In fact, you should avoid buying any new things for your dog and let your dog use all old stuffs. I know it may seem a little dirty considering that you have come to a new home and want it to be neat, clean and beautiful, but you got to compromise a little in the initial days for the sake of your lovely dog.

Don’t tweak dog’s routine

I know everything is new for you as well. But if you want your dog to get adjusted in your new home easily, you have to maintain and get back to the old routines at your earliest.

Don’t tweak any routine like feeding, bathing etc for your dog. Feed your pet at the same time as you used to do in your previous home. Take your dog for walks regularly at the same time and follow the route. The faster you are able to get back into your old daily habits, the easier it will get for your dog to get adjusted to your new home.

Recreate the old setup in new home

It may not be possible all the time, but you should try to arrange your new home the way it was arranged in your previous home. It is difficult to arrange your new home exactly the way things were in your old home. But you can just try to create a similar look and feel.

At least, when it comes to the feeding area and the sleeping area for your dog, try to keep a similar set up. This will help your dog get more comfortable and so it is one of the important tips on how to help your dog adjust to your new home that I would definitely recommend you to follow.

Give your dog attention and care

Your dog or puppy or any other pet for that matters loves you and trusts you the most. So if it has to get adjusted and comfortable in your new home, then you have to give proper attention to them. If you leave your dog alone and go out, then that will scare it more, and maybe your dog will try to escape from the place. So, it is better to spend time with your dog and give it more time, attention, love and care for the first few days, till it get adjusted to the new environment.

Spend time with your pet and give them all the attention they want. Play with your dog, make your dog happy.

Give it some time

Time heals everything and in this case as well, you have to give some time to your dog to get adjusted to your new apartment. Instead of getting anxious yourself as to why your dog is not getting adjusted to the new environment quickly, it will be wise of you if you remain a little patient and wait.

Try to imagine yourself in your dog’s shoes and feel how troubling it is for your dog to get adjusted to a completely new place. Try to remain normal, you’re your dog some time and things will be fine in no time.

You just cannot expect an overnight change in your dog. Some dogs get adjusted pretty fast and others may take even weeks. So, you need to give your dog that time. No matter how slow it may seem for you, your dog is going to start loving your new home sooner.

Over to you

In general, the dog owners treat their dog or any other pet for that matter like a family member. They love their pet; they care for it and they want to ensure that the dog is comfortable and happy in the owner’s house.

But when you move to a new house along with your dog or puppy, you may have to work a little hard in helping your dog adjust to your new apartment. Your dog may not feel comfortable and get anxious in your new home. It’s may be a little difficult for your dog to adjust to the completely new environment.

During the initial days of moving to our new home, we may be a little occupied, busy and stressed in our own lives and we even may fail to understand the needs of our pets.

Well, you might be very busy and stressed out due to the pet relocation complexities, but you can’t ignore the feelings of your dog.

Relocation is as much stressful and new for your dog as it is for you. In fact, you are a superior being and can still understand things but your dog can not. Hence, you need to pay enough attention to your dog during and after moving to your new home, so that your dog gets comfortable with the changes fast.

In general, when you put your dog in an unfamiliar environment, your dog in all probability will panic. But, if you help your dog adjust to this new environment then it’s going to be easier for your dog to adjust.

Your dog trusts you more than anyone else and hence your dog will require you the most when it is getting anxious or distressed. You need to make efforts to make your dog comfortable in the new space.

I have already shared a few of the best tips that can help you ease out your dog after moving to a new home. The easiest ones are here under:

  • You have to keep your calm
  • Try and familiarize your dog to the new environment
  • Avoid washing the beddings for your dogs for a few days
  • Don’t tweak the main routines of your dog
  • Recreate the old setup for your dog in your new home
  • Give your dog attention and care it deserves
  • Give it some time and it will adjust to your new home.

That’s all I think and if you follow these basic tricks carefully, you should not have any issues in helping your dog adjust to your new apartment.

If you are a proud dog owner and you have relocated to a new home with your dog, then I would like to hear about your experience. How did you help your dog adjust to your new home?

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Have you tried any of these tricks? Feel free to share by commenting below. Happy relocation!

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