How to Maximize Storage Space in Small Apartments and Flats

Today, flat culture is becoming very popular even in smaller cities and district towns. Prices of properties at premium locations are increasing every day, and hence we get to settle in smaller apartments and flats. And one of the major challenges of living in smaller apartments and flats is the lack of storage space. If you are living in an apartment and you are running out of storage space to store day to day household goods and articles then I have got you covered. Today, I am sharing a few of the smart storage ideas and hacks that’ll easily help you to maximize storage space in small apartments and flats.

You can’t afford to waste even a couple of square feet of space in your flat. Downsizing is an in thing today for people living in smaller apartments and flats. Getting rid of unnecessary household items is probably one of the ways to create more space.

How to maximize storage space in small apartments and flats
How to maximize storage space in small apartments and flats

But if you are still running out of storage space, even after getting rid of unnecessary items, then try some of these smart storage tips for household storage in small apartments and flats. By following these storage tips and hacks, you’ll be able to easily maximize the household storage space in your smaller apartments and flats.

8 storage ideas to maximize storage space in small apartments and flats

No one wants to live in a cluttered and clumsy apartment, but owning or renting bigger flats and apartment is too expensive and everyone cannot afford that. But thankfully, you can get organized and live a clutter free life because there are easy ways to maximize storage space in small apartments and flats.

If you are living in a small apartment and you often run out of storage space, then some of these hacks and ideas to maximize storage space in your smaller apartment or flat.

Optimize the closets

Since the closets or the wardrobes is a must have furniture in every home, it would be a great idea to start with the wardrobes. Your wardrobes may already have plenty of storage space, but you can actually make it even more efficient.

Open the door and take a close look at the wardrobes. Do you see empty space between the shelves or below the hanger section? If you look closely, you may find space to add a couple of shelves and if that’s the case, then go for it.

Apart from adding shelves, you may like to add extra hooks in the doors, under the shelves and racks to increase the storage space and make it more efficient.

And finally, make sure that your wardrobe is properly organized, because by properly organizing your wardrobes, you’ll be easily able to free up some extra space in your wardrobe.

Install open shelves on wall

By installing open shelves in your flat and apartment, you will be able to create plenty of additional space and this is one of the easiest and best hacks to maximize storage space in apartments. You can install random open shelves on the walls, especially in areas that do not restrict your free movement inside the space.

Whether it’s your bedroom, living room or kitchen, the trendy open shelves are going to look cools as well as it offers you additional storage space. You can either place these multipurpose shelves randomly or you can even consider wall to wall shelves depending on your storage space requirements and availability of space.

You may like to buy a readymade shelve or you can get tailor made as per the measurement and design that goes well with the overall decoration of your flat.

Make use of baskets

Ever noticed those trendy storage baskets? That’s for you, as it’s made to create extra storage space in your small apartments and flats. I am sure you know that the carpet area or the floor area is fixed in your apartment and you can’t do much about it.

So, make use of the empty vertical space that you may have in your apartment and it’ll surprisingly help you in maximizing storage space. You can put these baskets over the table, in the corner, over the kitchen counter tops or anywhere that suits your requirements and layout of the flat.

In fact, you can even put these decorative baskets all alone on the floor or under the table or kitchen counter, as it’s going to help you get organized.

These trendy baskets are available in various width and height and hence you have plenty of options to choose from. Go, give it a try and see how it can help you increase household storage space in your apartment.

Use furniture with hidden storage

You can use smart furniture that has hidden storage space. You can use such smartly design furniture to maximize the storage space in your apartment. These furniture’s are just the best for smaller space and hence it’s worth trying.

When you visit the furniture shop next time to buy stools, ottoman, coffee table or such items, then check with them if it comes with hidden storage space. You will be surprised to know that there are wall mounted beds available these days that can be folded to wall and make in to a book shelve and when you open it, it becomes a bed.

Give chance to such smartly designed furniture for small apartments and flats as it will help you maximize storage space easily in your flat and apartment.

Create under the bed storage

Not sure of you have a box bed, but if you have one, you can actually store plenty of items in it. Just ensure that the storage space under your box bed is properly organized. If you can organize and store items correctly, the box bed can accommodate plenty of household items from quilt, blankets, bed linen to curtains, and even other items like winter clothes etc.

If you don’t have a box bed with storage space, even then you can maximize the storage space under bed. One of the hacks is to lift the bed by 4 inch and you get plenty of extra space. The best way to use the storage space under the bed is to keep it well organized.

May be pack the items in cardboard boxes or wooden boxes and then place it under the bed. It’ll be easily accessible and convenient for you to handle the space.

Another great hack that you may like to try is a bed with hidden storage space under bed headboard. If you can widen your headboard a little by adding a pullout drawer or multiple pullout racks, it can offer plenty of additional storage space for you to store small items like books etc.

Get corner organizer shelves

The way you are going to use single or multi floor baskets to maximize additional storage space in your small apartment, you can also make use of the empty space in the corner of your rooms. Corner organizers shelves can look surprisingly good and at the same time it helps create extra storage space to store items like books, crockery items and other such household or decorative goods.

You can easily find standard size organizer shelves that you can place to a corner or side of the wall. They come in various dimensions, and the one that you should get should be horizontal ones which means it should be above 5-6 feet in height and can be any dimension based on the free space you may have in your rooms.

Downsize regularly

It may sound like obvious, but it’s one of the best hacks to ensure that you will not run out of storage space in your apartment, easily. Trying and buying new thing is obvious and most of us do it knowingly or unknowingly at times.

Naturally, we end up piling goods in our store and hence the way you are adding things to your space, it is seriously important for you to periodically downsize the inventory. Get rid of things you don’t need and you can do so by exchanging it while buying new items, or may be reselling it or donating it for free. Do whatever suits you, but do occasional audit and see if there are things that you can get rid off to ensure that you are running out of storage space easily.

Think before you buy

Well this hack is not to maximize the storage space, but it helps indirectly. When you go out shopping for your home, over a period of time you are going to run out of storage space. As you pile the inventory, you are not increasing storage space. So, no matter how well organized and arranged your home is, if you continue buying and piling items, you are going to run out of storage space.

So seriously think if you need what you are buying and if the answer is a yes, then go ahead, but if you it’s a no, then simply don’t buy it.

Over to you

Lack of required storage space can be really challenging and unless you downsize and optimize the space in your small apartment, it is going to look clumsy and cluttered. Who don’t want to live in a spacious and well organized home?

But, dealing with lack of additional storage space in smaller apartments and flats can be really difficult, especially, when you don’t know how to maximize the storage space smartly in your small apartment,

Well, the challenge of limited storage space in small apartments and flat is real and most of us have dealt with it. But did you know, that’s there are smarter ways to maximize the storage space in your apartment?

I have already shared a few of the smart hacks and ideas you can use to maximize storage space in your small apartment and flats like optimizing the space in the wardrobes, using bed box, smarter furniture that has hidden storage space, installing wall shelves and so on.

Unless you have too many things to store, you can try using these space creating ideas and you’ll be fine. But if even after optimizing and trying all these hacks, you feel the need to have additional storage space then you may like to use special storage services offered by the movers and packers agencies on Servicesutra.

We have some of the best storage and warehousing service providers who offer end to end storage and warehousing services to store all types of household goods and furniture, both on long term and short term basis. If you want, you can move as many boxes of household items or antique furniture and other home appliances to these storage facilities. Feel free to talk to us on: 7044123404 or ask for no obligation quotes and estimates by submitting this quote request form. Talks to us and find out how we can help you store your goods without hassles.

How do you create extra storage space in your apartment?

Feel free to share your favorite hacks and ideas to maximize storage space by commenting below.

Hope you liked this post and appreciate your comments and efforts in helping us spread the words by sharing this post.

General FAQs
Why it is important to regularly downsize the house?

Whether you like it or not, but we end up accumulating lots of goods be it for decoration or for its usability. But just after a few months, we don’t feel like using many of such goods. When you create accumulating, you will run out of space or end up cluttering your house and hence it is important to declutter and down size your house when you can.

Is it a good idea to use box bed for extra storage space?

Yes of course. When you have a box bed, you easily get almost 6×6 feet of extra storage space that can be used to store less frequently household goods like pillow, bed linen, woolen clothes, blankets and other such goods.

Why use furniture with hidden storage space?

Using smart furniture with hidden storage space can help you store many of the less frequently used goods inside the box. You can even store other commonly used goods and it helps you get organized and declutter your home to a great extent.

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