Keep Mosquitoes Out of House: 10 amazing tips you must try

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous type of insect, which keeps on biting us and buzzing around in most of our home. Though these are very tiny creatures, but the amount of illness it might bring in our home or directly cause to our near and dear ones is immense. Mosquitoes are the key agent behind plenty of dreadful diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, yellow fever etc. Therefore, to protect yourself as well as your family from such dangerous diseases, you need to do everything possible to keep mosquitoes out of the house and your backyard.

There are plenty of chemical-based mosquito killers in the form of coils, liquid vaporizer, sprays and etc. These chemical-based products will no doubt help you keep mosquitoes out from your house but at the same time, the chemicals present in these products may harm the environment. Would you like to harm your surroundings by using such chemical based products? Give it a thought. And if you don’t want the chemicals to harm your surroundings, then switch to some eco-friendly ways to keep mosquitoes out of your home.

Ways to keep mosquitoes out of your home and backyard

Tips to keep mosquitoes out of house and backyard

There are many ways to keep mosquitoes out of your home and surroundings but the tips that I want to share are mostly eco friendly and won’t harm you in anyways.

1. The best way to prevent the mosquitoes from entering the home is by using mosquito nets. Mosquito nets are easily available in the market and you can use it easily and keep mosquitoes out. You can buy a mosquito net that can be just put around your bed, and tucked it in to prevent the mosquitoes from entering a single gap. Nowadays, many window nets are also available in the market. You can purchase them as well, as per your window size and stick it to your windows. These window nets are better known as ‘velcro mosquito nets’ and can be of great help in keeping mosquitoes out of your house.

2. Another home remedy for keeping mosquitoes out is camphor. Camphor is easily available in the markets and is often used to get rid of many kinds of bugs and pests. In case of getting rid of mosquitoes, light a few camphor balls within a closed room and leave it for 15minutes to half an hour. When you get back to the room, you’ll find that mosquitoes are gone.

3. Garlic is truly an amazing ingredient that not only makes your food tasty, but can deal with cunning mosquitoes too. This vegetable has an extreme strong and pungent smell, which might turn off many with a sensitive nose, but it truly does wonder when it comes to preventing mosquitoes from lingering inside one’s home. Crush a few cloves of garlic and boil them up for some time, then pour it in a spray bottle. Squirt this liquid around the room whenever you can feel the mosquito attack.

4. Basil, better known as Tulsi in India, is considered as the holiest or sacred plant. There are many who worship basil plant, but they might not know that Tulsi plays a very vital role in preventing mosquitoes and their larvae. Therefore, if you see any specific part of your home that is attacked badly by these creatures, then immediately plant a basil plant there, or rather place a pot of basil plant there. It will be best if you plant it in your garden and at the entry points of your home to prevent mosquitoes and to keep them out.

5. All the mosquitoes hate mint mainly for its strong odor, which most of us like very much because the smell is very refreshing. To control invasion of mosquitoes, all you can do is spray the mint oil by pouring it in a spray bottle, or you may apply it on the exposed parts of your body to protect yourself from mosquito bites. Just like basil plant, you can also pot or plant a mint shrub in your garden and keep mosquitoes out easily from your home and garden.

6. Ground coffee can also help you prevent your home from mosquito rush. All you need to do is just ground some coffee seeds and sprinkle wherever you find stagnant water near your house. This will not only help you to hurl the mosquitoes out, but this helps in killing the mosquito eggs as well before they hatch.

7. The smell of lavender oil can help you keep mosquitoes away. The smell
of the lavender flower and oil is very strong, which mosquitoes can’t tolerate at all. Therefore, spray lavender oil it in the room or burn it using an oil lamp. You can also apply it on your face and other parts of the body which remain exposed to prevent yourself from bites. You can undoubtedly buy room freshener that has lavender fragrance, but they might also contain some chemicals blended in it.

8. Whenever you find some stagnant water near your home, specifically in your garden, try purifying it. If you have accessories in your gardens such as a small pool or a bird bath, then always try cleaning the water often and replacing it with fresh water.

9. This is one of the most effective essential oils to get rid of mosquitoes because its odor irritates them. Not just the smell, but its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties work wonders too when it comes to fighting off the mosquitoes. You can either mix a few drops of tea tree oil with a few drops of water and apply this mixture on your face and other exposed parts of your body, or burn the oil using an oil lamp.

10. These are another mosquito preventing essential oils. The procedure of using it is same as the other essential oils such as tea tree or lavender oil as mentioned above. Just burn it or spray it, it’ll truly help a lot.

Over to you

Hope you like all the 10 home remedies mentioned above to drive all the mosquitoes out of house. Just liking these tips won’t help you out, but following them will surely be helpful for you. Always try following any of these tips at home, and curb out all the deadly mosquitoes from your sweet and healthy home. If you feel that the mosquito attack is very much intense and home remedies may fail, then book pest control services without issues.

What else do you do to keep mosquitoes out of your home and garden?

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