How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Bathroom Tiles Easily

Home is not just the place where we dwell but it is where our heart belongs to. And, as the owner of the house it is our duty to take proper care and maintain the cleanliness of our sweet home. A neat, clean and organized home not just looks great but also reflects the discipline in our life. It creates a good impression on all the visitors of your house. While the whole house must be cleaned frequently, it is the bathroom that requires special attention. Bathroom is the place, which if left unclean can become the hotbed of germs. Moreover, the hard water stains on the wall and floors of the bathroom tiles looks very untidy and hence must be cleaned properly to remove stains. And, talking about the stains, the hard water stains on the bathroom tiles are the most common and are also one of the most stubborn marks that you may have to deal with. But, there are easy ways to clean and remove hard water stains from bathroom tiles. In fact, I will be discussing 10 of the easiest ways to remove hard water stains from bathroom tiles, in today’s post. And if you are struggling in removing the water stains from bathroom tiles, then here’s the post you can’t afford to miss.

Easy ways to remove hard water stains from bathroom tilesHard water is that water which has huge concentration of the minerals especially calcium and magnesium in it. The degree of the hardness in water increases with increasing levels of these minerals and other trace elements in the water. However, hard water is not that bad but what may irritate you are the stains it leaves behind. And if you have tiles in your bathroom, the marks become all the more prominent. This problem of hard water stains is very common in the bathroom and must not be ignored.

Tiling your house is the latest trend that is used to make the homes look beautiful and certainly the bathroom tiles as well makes the bathroom really pretty. But, if those same tiles have water stains on them and are left uncleaned, they simply hamper the whole look. Moreover, if you have gone for the lighter shade of tiles, then the marks specially the water marks look all the more dirty and shabby. Since bathroom is one such space where we use water each time we go, getting hard water stains there is a very obvious thing.

I had recently cleaned the hard water stains from my bathroom tiles and the natural products I used worked just perfectly. So I thought of sharing these easy tricks to remove hard water stains with you all. I will be talking about some of the easiest ways to remove hard water stains from bathroom tiles following those you will be able to revive the lost shine of your bathroom tiles, easily and naturally.

So, come, let us not waste time and start with the main discussion on how to remove hard water stains from bathroom tiles easily.

Easy ways to remove hard water stains from bathroom tiles

Water stains on bathroom tiles can be really stubborn but with a few easy little tactics, you can get rid of the water marks easily. I have myself followed these and had also suggested these to my close friends. All of us has been hugely benefited. I hope that if you follow these simple tiles cleaning hacks, you will be able to remove water stains much efficiently. You just have to apply the ingredients in the right technique and properly scrub the tiles to get best results.

So, here are the easiest ways to remove hard water stains from bathroom tiles naturally:

Lemon juice

You can use lemon juice to remove hard water stains from your bathroom tiles. It is another slightly acidic ingredient which has the potential to remove any hard stains including the common hard water stains that occurs in the tiles of the bathroom. In addition, using lemon juice also leaves your bathroom with a soothing lemony smell that can beat any foul odour lingering inside your bathroom.

You simply have to take many lemons and squeeze the juices out of them. Then apply the juices on the hard water stains on your tiles. Leave it for a while and then scrub off. If you do not have enough lemons at home, you may mix the lemon juices with baking soda and then use it to get rid of the hard water stains from bathroom tiles.

Baking soda

The most frequently used natural cleaning agent is the baking soda. Since it is one of the readily available ingredients in almost every household, try using baking soda to get rid of the hard water stains from bathroom tiles. The mild abrasive nature of the baking soda will work on the hard water spots and other product residues that may have stained your tiles. Besides, it will also disinfect the area and keep your bathroom germ free.

If you have baking soda at your home and you want to use it to remove the hard water stains from bathroom tiles, and then make a paste using adequate baking soda and water. After that, smear the mixture on your water stained bathroom tiles. Let it stay for sometime and then scrub it using brush or sponges. At the end, wash the tiles properly using lukewarm water.

White vinegar

White vinegar is a common as well as safe cleaning ingredient. It has earned the reputation of an all-purpose cleaner and now you can use this to remove hard water stains from bathroom tiles as well. The mild acidic nature of white vinegar is just perfect for you to get rid of the hard water marks. It is also just perfect to prevent the growth of the disease-causing germs as well as mould and mildew.

White vinegar cuts through all the mineral deposits and removes the hard water stains from your bathroom tiles in no time. To get the benefits, you have to make a solution with equal amounts of white vinegar and water. Then pour the solution in a spray bottle.

Now, spray the solution on your stained bathroom tiles. Allow it to stay for a while and then scrub it off using a brush or a sponge. However, if you have not cleaned the water stains for long and if it has got too stubborn, then do not forget to mix a little bit of baking soda while cleaning. After you have sprayed the vinegar solution in the tiles, let it stay for a while and then sprinkle some baking soda on it. After that scrub the stains off. This combined effect of both these ingredients is all you need to get rid of the too stubborn water stains.


Besides using salt for your culinary purposes, you may use it to remove the hard water stains from your bathroom tiles. It cuts through the most stubborn stains including the water spots. Salt is also a great disinfectant which can kill the germs inside your bathroom. So, use it to keep your bathroom clean as well as remove the hard water stains from the bathroom tiles.

While using salt, you have to make sure that your bathroom tiles are wet. Then sprinkle salt on it. Leave it for at least haft an hour and then scrub it off. The longer you allow the salt to stay, the more effective will the results be.


The naturally occurring mineral is a great option that you may consider in order to remove the hard water stains from bathroom tiles. This is because it is highly alkaline that is beneficial to get rid of the stubborn water spots. It is also antimicrobial which can easily kill the microbes inside your bathroom. It will also neutralize any foul bathroom odour and freshen up the inside air.

Mix a cup of borax with 1 gallon of water. Then spray the solution on the stained bathroom tiles or wipe it on the marks. After sometimes, scrub the tiles using an old brush or sponge.

The above mentioned natural ingredients are great and using them are the easiest ways to remove hard water stains from bathroom tiles but you do need to follow some more steps in order to prevent the hard water stains from occurring and lessen your work load. So, let us know a bit more about that.

5 tips to remove hard water stains from bathroom tiles

A bit of change in your cleaning schedule or using littletactics may prevent the occurrence of the hard water stains. So, you must also follow these as they are also included among the list of easiest ways to remove hard water stains from bathroom tiles.

1. Please try to make a routine to clean bathroom tiles frequently. See, I know that most of us are leading a very busy life and do not get much time to do cleaning. But I must tell you that bathroom is indeed an important space and keeping it unclean will be like inviting the germs to attack you. Moreover, the marks on the tiles specially the water stains look extremely untidy and dull. So, try to thoroughly clean it properly at least once weekly so that you can get rid of the dirt as well as the stains. Hard water stains if kept for long makes cleaning them increasingly difficult but when they are fresh, it does not take give much of a headache to clean them.

Moreover, it is not just your duty to keep the tiles clean, make sure that your other family members do it as well. Responsibility if shared properly gives better results and does not put pressure on one alone. So, you may divide the days and take turns to clean your bathroom tiles. This way your bathroom will remain clean all the time.

Try to make a good routine of it and if everyone follows it diligently, then I am sure that removing hard water stains from bathroom tiles won’t be much of a problem for you. This is what I call prevention is better that cure and you must also follow it.

2. On a weekly basis try to mop your bathroom tiles using warm water. This is a great way to clean your home andit also removes the water stains and does not let it harden a lot.

3. Every time, you take a shower, you can mop/ rinse or wipe the water from your tiles so that the hard water cannot leave stains on them. This way you also will be able to get rid of the leftover soap scrum and the moisture also which if you leave uncleaned for long may lead to mould, mildew and other stains.

4. Try to avoid using harmful chemicals to get rid of the hard water stains from bathroom tiles. This may seem an easy option for many but such harsh products can damage the sealant of your tiles.I am sure you do not want to damage the beauty of the tiles while cleaning them.

5. Lastly, just try to keep your bathroom air fresh and airy so that even if there is any water, the tiles will dry up very fast. So, make sure there is proper ventilation done there. Also, try to fix an exhaust to keep the air dry most of the time.

The cleaning hacks discussed above works magically, but if you are too occupied and have no time for cleaning, then you can hire a professional cleaner for end to end deep cleaning of entire house, including washroom and kitchen.


Bathroom is one of the most important places of your room. It is also the place which gets dirty quite easily and frequently. But your bathroom must remain clean all the time or else it may affect the hygiene and health. The water stains on your bathroom tiles must also be removed time and again before they turn too stubborn. And, in case you have too much difficulty in removing them, then follow some of the easiest ways to remove hard water stains from bathroom tiles that we have discussed above.

In my today’s post, I have shared the names of 5 magical ingredients that can help you to remove the water stains easily. All of these are safe and are easily available and the mild acidic nature of each of these ingredients works just fine in removing the hard water stains. However, try to avoid contact with eyes and also keep these away from little children.

Besides using the natural cleaning agents to remove hard water stains from bathroom tiles, you must also follow the other tips that we have discussed above. While there can be no alternative to frequent cleaning to keep the home clean especially the bathrooms, you must also not forget about the ventilation, usage of warm water to mop the bathroom tiles and floors and to fix an exhaust inside the bathroom to make things easier for you. The commercial chemicals found in market are quite harsh and it is better to avoid those, when you can.

I am a clean freak and I personally use the above-mentioned tricks to remove hard water stains from my bathroom. If it could satisfy me, I hope it will turn out effective in your case as well. You may try out these natural cleaning products and the techniques and tell us which one worked for you best. You can also suggest some other ways to remove hard water stains from bathroom tiles and I will happily update this post.

Hope this article has helped you. I will return with some other interesting topic soon. And in case, you want me to write on some specific topic, you may suggest that as well by commenting below.

Until then, bye!

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