5 Ways to Get Stains Off a Standard Wall in Your House

Ever struggled to get stains off a standard wall in your home or office? Stains can be terrible and it can just ruin the over ambiance of your home or workplace. We all hate stains of any kind on our walls and if there are some, we try our best to get stains off the walls as soon as we can. But to get stains off a standard wall, you have to use proper wall cleaning techniques, else your cleaning efforts could go wrong and you may end up removing the paint itself.

Get stains off a standard wall
Tips to remove stains on the walls

Before entering the new or a renovated home, we all feel ecstatic about its beautiful and fresh appearance. But, this vibrant look of the house soon fades away within a year or two. And it is quite normal because in our busy schedules we neither get time to maintain the interior or exterior walls of the house. Therefore, it is certain that the home is going to lose its luster. And the first thing that destroys the look of the home are the stains sustained by the walls and floors.

But if not regularly, one must surely go for a deep home cleaning at least once or twice a year to get stains off the walls. Though both walls and floors are prone to various types of stains, but in this post we’ll only discuss on the stains sustained by the walls.

In our day to day activity, we unknowingly deposit several smudges, stains, finger prints, and various other spots on the wall. And despite torturing the walls so much with various stains, we don’t clean the stains they bear, rather we don’t get much time to look after cleaning the walls. And this is the main reason why the stains become almost permanent or hard to remove. But, do not worry if you have struggled in the past and still unable to figure out how to get stains off a standard wall in your house. We are going to share a few amazing wall cleaning tips to help you get stains off a standard wall easily.

5 ways to get stains off a standard wall

The ways of cleaning or removing the stains from the walls completely depends upon the type of stain your wall has sustained, and the type of wall or the type of paint your wall is wearing. But here, we will be discussing ways of removing different types of stains from a standard wall. So, here it goes:

1. Normal dust and grime

In our day to day life, we have a tendency to touch the walls and other parts of our home unintentionally with our oily hands. These give rise to a small amount of stain, which further attracts more dust over the oily stain. In such case, we can definitely use some cleaning formula that is available in the market, but you never know these chemical based products can ruin your wall. Instead, it will be safe if you use something natural to remove those stains. So make a natural formula to clean the regular dust and grime, mix one cup of ammonia, half cup apple cider vinegar, and one-fourth cup of baking soda within one gallon of warm water. Then use this mixture to wipe all over walls using a sponge or cloth, and then rinse it with clear water. This solution will not dull the painted finish or leave streaks over the walls. It is completely safe and natural.

2. Crayon stains

Do you have kids in your home? Yes? Then there has to be some or many scribbling over the walls, that too made using wax or pastel crayons. Now, this is quite a dangerous stain on the wall, but we have a solution for you to omit them. The first thing that can be suggested to wipe the crayon marks is the wall eraser. They wonderfully omit the crayon marks from the walls. But if this doesn’t work, there are other ways too that one can implement to erase crayon marks from walls. You can use toothpaste that are not gel based to remove crayon stains, or you can also sprinkle baking soda on a damp sponge and rub over those marks gently and it will help you get stains off a standard wall of your home or office.

3. Marker stains

Stains made by permanent or CD marker pens are also very common. Kids definitely do this as well, but we too sometimes keep the lid of the marker open and by mistake strike the wall with it. The moment of striking unintentionally the wall with a marker seriously gives everyone a mini-heart attack. But there are ways to clean that as well. Just damp a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and dab over the stain. This is effective in the case of erasing the marker marks easily.

4. Ink stains

Ink stains are also very dangerous one. In case of ink stains, use rubbing alcohol or alcohol-based hairspray by dabbing it on a cotton ball and then rubbing the stained area gently. If the ink stain is made by a ballpoint ink that is oil-based, then you can remove the stain by using a foaming shaving cream, dry cleaning solvents, or even nail polish remover. But just be sure to not apply lots of cleanser at one go or else it may actually remove the paint itself. Apply the cleanser slowly and when you see its working, just repeat the process logically and you will be able to get stains off a standard wall in your house using this technique.

5. Water stains

If your home is suffering from water seepage and dampness, then there is a high chance that your walls will be affected by this seepage. Usually during the monsoons, water seepage increases and build up stains on the walls. But before you take any step to remove these stains, immediately cure the problem from it’s roots. After solving the seepage problem, wash your walls with a solution made of bleach and water. Make a solution containing one cup bleach with one gallon of water to prevent mold and mildew from growing. Thoroughly dry the walls, and if you see that the bleach is not removing water stains then you’ll have to repaint the walls. And if you repaint it, prime the walls with a stain-killing primer this time before applying and this is probably the last solution to get stains off a standard wall.

Over to you

If your walls are suffering from severe stains then follow the above methods and cure it on time. Never be too lazy to deal with the stains, because the more you keep them the more they are going to acquire a permanent place on your walls. So, now when you have five ways of removing wall stains, use them asap to make your walls beautiful once again. If you do not have time to clean the walls, just hire a cleaning agency and get all spots and stains off a standard wall in your house. They are professional and know the right procedures to deal with wall stains and spots. Wondering where can you find such cleaning agencies? Just tell us a few details and we can help you in no time for free.

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