Tips on How to Survive a Long Flight when Moving Abroad

Relocating is a long and complicated process, especially long distance and international moves. Even though the movers can help you pack and ship your goods safely to the destination, It’s not going to be easy to survive a long flight journey of 14-15 long hours.

In case of international relocation, travelling by flight is obviously the most preferred option, because it is the fastest way to reach your destination. But, when you are relocating from one side of the globe to the other side, it may take as long as up to 12 to 15 hours or more in some cases to reach your destination. And, surviving such long flights and sitting in a plane for such long hours is not going to be easy, especially if you don’t know how to make it fun and survive a long flight comfortably.

If you are relocating abroad and wondering about how do I survive a 15 hour long flight, then continue reading this post, as I am share a few of the best tips and hacks to survive a long flight, even when you are traveling in economy.

Tip to survive a long flight journey of 14-15 hours

I have myself travelled for 14-15 hours at a stretch in a flight and I completely understand the pain of sitting idle in your seat for so long. To add on to it, if you have screaming children in your flight, then it may get even more difficult because you cannot even sleep when there is a child crying around you. The things is, the children also feel irritated during such long flights, and they can’t be cooled down so easily.

But, you should avoid getting frustrated because that won’t help. Moreover, if you get pissed off, you will lose your mental peace and it will become even harder for you. Instead, prepare yourself mentally and physically as that will help you survive a long flight easily.

Based on my personal long flight experience, here are the 10 best tips that will help you survive a long flight of 14-15 hours easily.

Wear comfortable clothes

Wearing comfortable clothes is a must for making the long flight journey comfortable. And, if you are confused what to wear then I will definitely suggest you to wear several loose layers. This is because the temperature on the flights is, most of the time, not comfortable for everyone. Like for example, you might be freezing while another person sitting few rows away from you may be feeling hot. So, wearing layers will help you adjust depending on the temperature changes inside the flight.

Also, as far as shoes are concerned, it is better to go for closed toed shoes than flip flops. Avoid footwear that is too snug as your feet will swell when you are at high altitudes.

Light cabin luggage

Always travel with lighter cabin luggage. If you carry a big suitcase, then you may struggle with it around the boarding areas. Also, stuffing it into the overhead lockers will also become difficult for you.

So, it is better if you take one cabin bag and a smaller shoulder bag or handbag so that you can carry and handle it easily during your flight trip.

Carry light snacks

When you are travelling through different time zones, you can actually get breakfast during the dinner time or vice versa. So, you may actually carry a few low energy release snacks with you like nuts, cereal bars, dried fruits etc. inside your carryon luggage, and munch on them when you are hungry or is getting bored.

Move around the plane

Stretching your legs during a long flight is very important not just for your own sanity, but also to avoid the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. So, do move around the plane once in a while. Also, do gentle exercise at your seat as that will help keep the circulation flowing in your legs.

Stay hydrated

Aircraft cabins are usually very dry spaces and therefore you an easily get dehydrated during a long flight. So, make it a point to drink sufficient water at regular intervals during 12-15 hours long air travel. Also, avoid consuming too much coffee, tea or alcohol while in flight. You may bring a bottle of water onboard if possible. You may even keep an empty plastic bottle in your handbag so that you can fill it up when the cabin crew comes.

It is also advisable that you carry a moisturizer with you as your skin may actually get dry. And, if you are prone to dry eyes, do keep some eyedrops with you when you take a long hour flight.

Interact with co-passenger

One of the best ways to avoid making your flight journey boring is by interacting with you co-passengers. I am sure if you make little attempts you will find many interesting people in the flight. Who knows you may end up jelling really well with someone and your flight journey might become very interesting and enjoyable.

Choose a good airline

It’s very important to choose a good airline, especially for long hour flight trips. You may have to spend a little more, but if you get better quality food, wider seat and some other additional on board facilities, then I think spending few extra bucks is completely worth it.

In fact, you should do proper research on the various airlines flying your route, check their reviews and then book the tickets. Avoid going for the airlines with very cheap rates because with very low rates comes bad services.

Reserve a good seat

It’s always a wise to plan your trip well in advance, especially the long distance travel. Like in this case, if you plan your international travel much early, then you can book tickets of your flight in advance, and can actually reserve a good seat for yourself because that is definitely one important thing which can help you make your long flight journey comfortable.

But, if you delay your bookings, then you may not get the option to book a good seat, especially if it is a peak travel season. Moreover, if you have the time to research on the rates of the flights, you may also be able to book tickets at reasonable rates.

Now, for choosing a good seat for a long flight, I stick to these simple rules.

  • Check the aircraft seat map
  • Choose the exit rows to get extra leg space.
  • Get an aisle seat, so that can move around the plane as needed.
  • Avoid the front seats of the plane as this is where you are most likely to find special provision for babies on the long international flights.

Prepare for a sound sleep

The easiest way to pass those long hours in a flight is to try and sleep. So, carry the essentials with you that will help you enjoy a good sleep. Well, here are certain common things that you may consider bringing:

  • A lightweight blanket to give you that cozy feeling
  • A good travel pillow (will be helpful if you have a neckache)
  • A good sleep mask
  • A pair of ear plugs

Also, carry travel sized basic toiletries like toothpaste and a toothbrush as these will help you feel fresh when you land.

Stay calm and relaxed

Last but not the least, you need to stay calm and relaxed. In our day to day lives, most of us remain so busy that we always look for some rest. But when you are travelling on a flight for long hours, doing nothing, it does bring a feeling of boredom.

And therefore, staying calm and relaxed can help you survive a long hour flight much effectively. You may like to watch a good movie, read some books, write something etc, the idea is to keep yourself occupied and busy as that’ll help you survive a long flight journey.

This will definitely help you get rid of the moving stress and help you stay calm and relaxed.


It’s not easy to survive a long flight trip that may take 14-15 long hours or more, especially when you don’t have the right seat, and you are not traveling with a good airline company.

But, there are ways to make such long flight trips easy and comfortable and I have already shared 10 such tips on how to survive a long flight. If you follow these simple tips, then I am sure it’ll help you make the long flight journey more comfortable and bearable for you.

The thing is you need to stay prepared for the long flight journey, and keep in mind some simple things like:

  • Wearing comfortable clothing
  • Staying hydrated
  • Carrying your own snacks
  • Stretching your body
  • Interacting with your co-passengers etc
  • Booking right seat with a good airline

If you have taken a long hours flight and have any suggestions regarding how to make a long flight journey more comfortable, then feel free to share your tips and hacks by commenting below.

Until then, have a safe and comfortable flight.

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