20 Amazing Tips to Decorate the Walls at Your Home

When it comes to decorating the walls, you are more likely to get confused, unless you are very creative and know a few things about the color combination and art works. Figuring out, which color to use, what patter will look better and what else can be done to decorate the walls is not easy.

But there are a few basic rules of thumb for decorating the walls at your home and it better to follow it than going with the gut feeling and assumptions. And not just color and paints, there are some basic rules on how to apply other decorative elements like a photo frame, wallpaper or an art painting.

Properly decorated wall can actually transform the look and feel of your sweet home. There are many creative ways to decorate the walls and here in this post I am going to share my all time favorite top 20 tips to decorate the walls;

20 creative ways to decorate the walls

Proper color to decorate the walls

1. Hang your best photos: If you want to add a touch of memories to your walls, then the best thing you can do is hang some beautiful and memorable photos of you along with your loved ones. All you need to do is just take a photo, frame it using a classy frame, and hang them on whichever wall you want to.

2. Stick wallpapers: What most of the people do is paint their walls to make the room look vibrant. But, you can try something else, isn’t it? So, instead of buying a paint bucket this time, just buy wallpapers. You’ll find a variety of wallpapers in the market, so just go and grab hold of some colorful and well-designed wallpaper, and stick it to your walls.

3. Stick decals: Another new way to decorate your walls is by sticking wall decals. Decals are simply ‘apply and peel’ type of stickers, which you can easily apply or stick on your walls. So, simply buy a designer wall decal and stick it to any blank wall.

4. Texture painting: If you are bored with simply painting your walls, then the best way to make it look amazing is by texture painting it. You can buy texture painting paints and do it yourself; or else, you can also hire professionals to do it for you.

5. Hang a rug: Another way to decorate your walls is by hanging rugs. It is not always necessary to place the rugs on the floor (though rugs are meant for the floor) instead, you can try hanging them on your walls. If you want to hang rugs on the walls then make sure you buy the one that is really colorful. You can hang a rug on any empty walls of your home.

6. Stick or hang posters: Posters are probably the oldest way to decorate your walls. Some like the concept of sticking posters while some don’t because they hate the fact that glue would ruin their walls. If you too hate the concept of sticking posters on wall, then what you can do is take your favorite posters frame them and hang it on the walls.

7. Hang paintings: If you have much money, then go and purchase a good painting from a gallery, and hang it on your home’s walls. Painting is a very common way to decorate your wall, so you can easily follow this idea.

8. Print and frame paintings: To buy a painting, you need to spend loathsome amount of money, right? And if you don’t have so much of money, then how would you buy paintings from a gallery? Don’t worry; there’s a way out. If you want to make a gallery wall then just search on the internet for some beautiful paintings, print and frame them, and then hang them on your walls.

9. Hang wall decors: Hanging wall decors is also another easy, common, and useful way to decorate your walls. So, just go to the market grab some good wall decors and decorate your walls.

10. Stick light weighted plates: This sounds weird right? But, this is going to make your wall look pretty! Just take some plastic/fiber light weighted plates, and just stick it or hang it on the walls in any pattern of your choice.

11. Frame a designer cloth: If you have a designer cloth such as a tablecloth or pillow covers, which you don’t use much, then start using them to decorate your walls. What you can do is take them and frame them using a suitable frame, and hang them on the wall.

12. Hang decorative mirrors: If you want to make your walls look great, want to reflect natural light in the entering the room, and if you want to make your rooms look bigger, then just take a few mirror (shape of your choice) and frame them (framing is optional). Then you can use those framed mirrors to decorate your wall.

13. Fit a soft board: If you think that soft boards are only meant for schools and colleges, or any other educational institutions only, then you are wrong; you can fit a soft board in your home too. Just buy a good soft board and fix to any of your walls, and then just pin any pictures, posters, notes, greeting cards, or anything which you would like to pin.

14. Hang a clock: If you have a whimsical or an antique clock in your home, then why don’t you utilize it? Just take the antique/whimsical clock and hang it on your wall to make the wall look well decorated. Another thing you can do is buy many wall clocks of various colors and shapes, and then hang them on the walls. This would make the wall look decorated.

15. Make shelves: If your walls look empty and dull, then just create floating shelves on the walls. You can use those shelves to keep a few decorative stuff and books over it.

16. Frame your achievements: Another way in which you can decorate your wall is by framing all your certificates and achievements, and then hanging them on the wall.

17. Hang several blank frames: If you have nothing to frame, then don’t worry. Just buy some colorful frames or buy ordinary frames and color them up, and then hang them on your walls, to make it look well decorated. You can choose frames of any size and shape.

18. Washi tapes: Nowadays, washi tapes are very much used for decorating purposes, so why don’t you use them to decorate your walls as well? Take a few colorful washi tapes and stick it to your walls and make the walls look colorful and funky. You can use washi tapes and stick them in any direction of your choice (horizontally, diagonally or vertically).

19. Frame your favorite cartoon strips: Another funky way to decorate your walls is by printing a few cartoon strips, framing them with suitable frames, and then hanging them on the walls.

20. Fix a few wooden planks: If you want to give your walls a completely different look, then one thing you can do is take a few wooden planks and fix them to your desired wall, which you consider to be an ‘accent’ wall.

Over to you

In order to decorate and furnish a home that looks amazingly great, you can always turn up to an interior designer. But since design trend keep on changing, you have to make small little changes here and there to make your home look good. The amazingly easily to implement decoration tips can certainly help you decorate the walls of your sweet home. Feel free to try them out and share your feedback by commenting below.