5 Things You Should Look for in a Warehousing Facility Before Booking

Are you moving abroad for a few months and looking for storage and warehousing facilities in town? Warehousing facilities can be of good use to keep your household goods safely for months or even years. But do you know what makes a good warehouse? If you are wondering about which warehousing facility you should choose to store your goods then you are not alone. You are opting for a warehousing facility because most like you won’t be around for a few months and that’s why it is important to choose warehousing facility quite carefully.

But how would you know which warehouse is better in terms of safety of goods, monthly costs and obviously the costs of value added services like packing and local transportation? If you have already spoken to a few storage companies in town then I am sure you are even more confused.

On availing warehousing facility in India

Here’s how to choose and evaluate warehousing facility in India

You can actually find and choose the best warehousing facility in town quite easily if you know the right ways to screen and by asking right set of questions. And that’s what I want to help you with today. I will let you know how to screen and choose right warehousing company and what to look for before finalizing a warehousing facility to store household goods.

How much of space do you need?

This is a very basic thing to look for. A warehousing company may provide you one separate compartment or they may simply store your goods with others in one large room. Understand clearly what kind of arrangement you need and if the company can fulfill that. You should also visit the place and get an idea that whether you can accommodate all of your household goods and furniture comfortably in that space. If you find you have to adjust while accommodating your goods in the warehouse, then you are better of withdrawing their service.

Rates and charges matters

There are warehousing facilities that charge on monthly basis and there are others who may charge you a lump sum amount. This is another important perspective to look for before availing a warehousing facility. There are various cost associated with storage of household stuff likes packing, local transportation, storage fee and applicable taxes. So understand it all and look for facility that gives you more flexibility with payments and that suits your budget. In fact you should explore a couple of options and evaluate them well before taking a decision if you want to get the best storage facility at right price.

Look for safety measures of the facility

Obviously this is the most important thing to do because you don’t want to compromise with the safety and up keeping of your goods. When you decide to avail warehousing, that means you would be out of town for a fair amount of time and you want someone who would take care of your goods in your absence. So prefer a warehousing unit that has up to date security measures in place with adequate insurance.

Pest free warehouse

You may not relate to it easily, but pests like cockroaches, termites and bed bugs could be terrible for your household furniture and other goods. Usually warehousing companies get regular pest treatment done at their pace to keep rats, termites and cockroaches away. In fact you should visit the warehousing facility yourself and look for any sign of pest infestation like rats, cockroaches or termites. Termites and rats could cause lots of damage and hence it is important to ensure the space is free from pests.

Check for licenses and insurance

Before you decide to avail warehousing facility just make sure to check all papers and documents to ensure that the company have the permission to offer storage and warehousing services. Insurance of goods is another vital thing that you can’t afford to miss out.


Choosing a warehousing facility may sound like complicated but it is not when you check everything properly before booking. By applying common sense and thinking logically, you can get it right. Hope you will compare rates, visit the place, check for insurance and most importantly, you will think logically before booking a warehousing facility.

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