Hiring Movers? 6 Mistakes you should not be making

Let’s face it. Hiring movers and packers is not easy especially when you are moving for the first time. We often take things for granted and end up paying the price. Home shifting can be fun if you have a good movers and packers to help you. But when you end up hiring movers who are not so professional or lack the expertise and resources which is required then things could get terribly bad.

I have some know-how of the industry and understand how it works and where things could get wrong when hiring movers, especially in India. In this post I am going to talk about 5 of the most terrible mistakes that you should not be making.

Are you making these mistakes when Hiring Movers in India?

Are you making these mistakes in hiring movers?

No one likes to make mistakes, but at times we make mistakes without even knowing. Let’s check the top most mistakes that you should better avoid when hiring movers and packers to relocate your household goods or vehicles.

Not checking multiple companies

Today you can find almost any information on the internet with just one click. You have access to information on the internet; there are social networking sites out there and exclusive mobile apps for various things. Use it to your advantage and search, find, discuss and get estimates from a few companies at least to understand how it all works and how much it could cost. Don’t just pick a mover randomly and finalize everything. Rather talk to a few companies and get rough estimates to evaluate before hiring.

Not hiring relevant movers and packers

Did you know different movers and packers companies have different kind of expertise? Not every movers and packers company is suitable for all kind of shifting assignments. It takes lots of experiences, expertise and other resources to pack and shift valuable household stuff safely and on time. So are you sure the mover you are hiring is best suited to handle your moving needs? Let me give you an example- Assuming you are shifting from Bangalore to Jalandhar and you engage a mover and packers company who specialize in local moving services in and around Bangalore. Could you trust him with your shifting needs? How do you think that company will manage unloading, unpacking etc at Jalandhar? But at the same time if you could have hired a mover in Bangalore who has a branch in or nearer to Jalandhar, it could have been much better for you, no? Think about it.

Not putting everything on paper

Some companies make lots of verbal promises without any intention of committing themselves to their promises. You better ignore all verbal commitments and make it a point to put everything in writing. When things are great, there are no issues. But when anything goes wrong, it will be really difficult for you to make them commit to what they promised. Be it about valued added services, costs or anything else, it’s better to put it all on paper so no party can deny that.

Not hiring movers in advance

You may think hiring packers and movers is easy and you can find them just before the day you are expected to move. But you are wrong. Finding, evaluating and hiring movers is not easy, unless you don’t care about the costs and reliability of the company. Don’t wait for long, start searching and request estimates so you evaluate and finalize a mover in advance. Waiting till last moment may also cost you more because of urgency.

Ignoring insurance and undervaluing

Movers and packers companies may suggest you to not insure your move because whatever you pay for insurance goes to the insurance company. To keep the overall costs low, they make such recommendation but you should ignore this advise.  Insurance is important and one should take it seriously. When buying insurance, don’t undervalue the goods to save on premium because what you declare is what you get in case of damage. I have seen people undervaluing their goods to save on insurance charges, but do it at your own risk.

Not checking papers and licenses

Usually when we hire a pro in India, we don’t ask them to sow all of the papers and licenses and we go by what they claim. But that’s not a good approach especially when you are dealing with movers and packers companies. It’s better to check all of the legal papers before trusting them.

Over to you

These are some of the most common mistakes people make when hiring movers in India. When you are dealing with movers and packers for the first time, you may not even think of asking for license and comparing rates. But it helps.

What other mistakes one should avoid when hiring movers?

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