How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget the Right Way

All of us desire having a home of our own and when we have that desire fulfilled, we want to decorate it to make it aesthetically amazing and functional as per our living standards. Sadly, there are many who still believe that home decorating is a costly affair and that it requires plenty of money to hire an interior designer to design and decorate a beautiful home. But the fact of the matter is that decorating your homed does not require lots of money, even when you hire an interior designer. There are ways that’ll help you cut the decoration cost and you can actually decorate your home on a budget, and I’ll help you do that.

The whole idea of decorating your home can be overwhelming and may sound like a budget intensive project. But when there is a budget issue, you just have to replace the decor elements while decorating your home with limited budget.

How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget the Right Way
How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget the Right Way

With just a little bit creativity, you will be able to decorate interior of your home in budget. For example, you can just paint a wall and make your room look fresh, modern and classy.

There are many inexpensive ways to decorate exterior and interior of your home and make it look beautiful, without spending too much of money. And if you are wondering about how decorate on a budget, then here’s the post you can’t afford to miss. Today, I am sharing a few of the best budget decorating tips that’ll help you to decorate your home on a budget. Try some of these cheap and not so expensive home decorating tips and ideas to get it right.

Amazing Tips to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

When we buy a home or build a home, we usually end up spending lots of money on interior designing and decoration. But as you know, decoration trends keep on changing and no matter how well your home is decorated, you may feel the need to change the decoration a bit to make your home look fresh and modern.

But spending lots of money every time may not be a good idea, even if you have the money. And there are many who don’t want to send plenty of money because they are on a tight budget.

Whatever is the case, if you are looking for cheap yet best home decorating ideas that can be implemented even on a budget, then check these decorating ideas I am sharing below.

And just a note before you start exploring these home decorating tips and ideas, there is no written rule that you have to decorate your entire home in one go. It’s ok to decorate one room at a time.

If you have come so far, I am sure you ready to explore these home decorating ideas.

So, here we go.

Plan everything well

One of the secret of successfully decorating a home on a budget is to plan everything well in advance. When you have a detailed plan of decorating your home, you will be able to avoid many of the do-redo kind of work and that can help you save plenty of money as well your efforts and time.

So plan well, and in advance. Think through everything, functionality, look and feel, budget and everything else you can think of.

I am sure you don’t want to get in to a situation, where you end up spending too much on too many things. So think wisely and spend your money on decorative elements only when you are fully sure that spending money will be wise.

Whether you are searching for inspiration on the internet, home decor magazines or you are inspired from the décor of your friend’s home, just give it a serious thought and when you are sure, go about it.

If required, you can hire an interior designer for 3D interior designing services; they will design your home and send your high definition 3D images of the actual look. When you like the look, you can decorate your home accordingly

Trust me, better research will not only help you come across cheap decorating ideas, but it will also help you plan your home decoration within your budget. So, plan everything well, make a note of what you want, what can be done later and so on. You can obviously edit your priorities and list of things you want to do in one go. This kind of planning will help you achieve your home decoration objective and it’ll help you do it in your budget.

Reused what you can

Usually, we assume that if we have to decorate our home, we have to invest money on purchasing new elements. But did you know that, you can actually use a few of the existing items creatively and make stunning décor?

In fact, just by re-arranging some furniture you can freshen up the space. So think wisely, inspect well and see if there are any decorative items that can be reused.

 Also, if any of your existing items like for example if any wooden furniture or surface look dull now, you can polish them and give a brand new look to it. If any portion of your home needs repairing, then do that.  And while repairing, you can actually make slight modifications in design and then twek the color etc to make it look better.

So, by reusing some of the existing household items, you can actually decorate your home and save money on unnecessary purchase as well.

Be creative

When you are on a budget, you can be a little creative and get it right. I personally believe in decorating my home on my own. So, if you are also a little creative or imaginative, then you may like to try decorating your home on your own.

I am not asking you to do everything on your own, in fact that may not be possible. But, trying doing it yourself craft can help you cut the costs and make your home look good at the same time. And the satisfaction of seeing your own creative and decorative work is always amazing.

Like for example, if you or any one of your family members is a good painter, then you can actually use homemade wall paintings, glass paintings etc. to decorate your walls, instead of buying expensive paintings from the market.

Also, if you know some mechanical works you may actually buy the items from the market and fix them yourself. In addition, there are many who also paint their own home. Painting the walls is not very difficult although you, not being a professional is going to take more time. You will get more of such ideas if you do a little bit searching.

The greatest advantage of doing the decoration on your own is that you save a lot of labor cost which helps you stay within the budget. That money which you saved can actually be used in places where you cannot handle it on your own.

Decorate one room at a time

I mentioned about it in the beginning and I am going to repeat it again, that if you want to decorate your home on tight budget then don’t force yourself to decorate all your rooms in one go.

You should rather fix a budget, set priorities and then complete decorating your home in multiple phases, one room at a time.

For instance, you may like to decorate the kitchen, then the living room, bedroom and lastly the guest room. Once you are done with decorating the essential rooms, you may think of decorating the exterior and other areas like the drive way, balcony, roof top etc.

Practice minimalism

When it comes to decorating your home on a tight budget, practicing minimalism can be really great. They say less is more and it true for decorating your home as well. Too much of decoration can make your space look bulky and clumsy, but by practicing minimalism in decorating your home, you can refresh the look and make it aesthetically pleasing and functional.

There are many who literally buy so many decorative items that the rooms slowly turn into store rooms. Well, that is not at all needed. Keep your home spacious. When you are on a tight budget, you should not waste your money buying a lot of decorative items which will ultimately lead to cluster.

Buy mindfully

There is a difference between luxury and necessity. You can afford luxury when there are no monetary constraints. But if you want to decorate your home on a budget, you should buy value i.e. you should invest on things that are absolutely useful and that can transform the look of your space as well.

Like for example, investing in a very expensive wall décor is not a necessity and you may skip it while on the other hand, if you invest in buying a new dining table with some chairs, then that will be more useful and valuable to you.

The wall painting will not serve any of your purpose other than beautifying the walls. But when it comes to the dining table and chairs, these valuable items, besides decorating your home, will also be useful while you are having your meal along with your family.

So, the value of the table and the chairs is much more than the wall painting. And for wall painting, you can always find a cheaper version, that does not cost much or use wall décor elements that does not cost much.

In fact, I personally believe furniture is much more valuable than most other home decorative items. So, you can actually invest on furniture as per your needs when it comes to decorating your home on a tight budget. 

Buy used items

I know many of you will not want to do that but if you think practically, I am sure you would agree that buying second hand items which is usable and of good quality is available cheaply and can certainly help you to decorate your home on a budget.

Just because someone is selling his used items does not mean that item is actually in bad shape. It can simply happen that he wants to buy a new one and so wish to get rid of the old items, even if that is usable. Also, many a times while relocating to a different state, people sell their old items which are still good and useful just to avoid complications during their transportation.

Hence, it will be wise of you to do some searching of such second hand items both online and also by visiting local stores who sell second hand items. There is no rule that you will have to buy it but there is no harm in searching either because if you really get a good item at fraction of the price, then you will be able to save a lot of money. However, please remember, when you are buying second hand item, quality should always be prioritized over style. If you get both, you are lucky.

Paint your home

Painting your home with new color can really be a great way to transform the look of your home within reasonable budget. You can choose colors as per your choice but make sure whatever shade you go for, goes with the entire look of your home.

The trend of paint shades, style, pattern and shades will keep on changing. What looks trendy today may not look so in say next couple of years. And painting your home from time to time will not only help you transform the look and feel, but it also helps boost the longevity of the wall.

As far as your bedroom is concerned, you may like to go with subtle shades as that will serve the purpose of that room. The color must give the room a soothing; refreshing and comforting feel and subtle color tone do that exceptionally well. As far as dining rooms or common rooms are concerned, you may experiment with bold colors to make them more happening and vibrant.

Well, these are just ideas, but you should actually choose shades and pattern that suits your taste. At the end of the day, it is your home and your choice matters the most.

Involve interior designers

And finally, if you can, you should consult with an interior designer or a freelancer interior consultant to get the basic decorating ideas. Hiring a mid-level interior consultant is not going to cost you much, but the value of expertise and their experience can be phenomenal for your home decorating project.

But, just make your expectations clear to the interior consultant you are working with from the very beginning. Discuss about the budget issues thoroughly and I am sure that the interior consultant will be able to help you design your home just the way you want to and within your budget.

Over to you

Who don’t like to live in a properly designed and decorated home? Well, a properly designed space not only looks good, but it improves the functionality and usability of the space.

But we all know, it takes money and professional interior designer to design and decorate a home and hence, there are many who pre-assume that interior designing is money intensive thing and that it’s for rich and wealthy.

This may be true to some extent, but this is not the absolute truth.

In fact, there are many ways to decorate your home even when you are on a tight budget. And I have already shared a few of the best and inexpensive decorating tips to decorate your home for less.

Here’s what we have discussed. These are the simple hacks that can help you design and decorate your home on a budget:

  • Plan well in advance
  • Reused what you can
  • Be creative
  • Decorate in phases
  • Practice minimalism
  • Involve a designer
  • Buy mindfully
  • Buy second hand
  • Paint your home

One of the best things about decorating your home is that, there is no restriction on budget. I mean no matter how much you want to spend; there are ways to get it right.

Just plan well and set aside a home decorating budget and you will be able to find cheaper, functional and better looking decorative elements that won’t cost you much. Just be a little creative and avoid the common mistake of unplanned and compulsive buying.

Hope you are ready to decorate your home, give it a try and see how it works for you.

Have you decorated your home recently? Do share your experience of decorating your home on a tight budget.

I will be back with another important post about home improvement soon.

Until then, take care and happy home decorating.

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