How to Get Rid of Mice in the House or Office Easily by Yourself

Mice running here and there in the house cannot be a pleasant sight for anyone. In fact, it is quite disgusting considering how creepy they are. Mice carry a lot of dirt and disease with them and it make the entire house dirty and unhygienic. If you are pissed off with crawling mice all around your house and wondering about how to get rid of mice in the house naturally and easily, then here’s the post you should not skip. Today in this post, I am going to tell you everything worth knowing about mice in the house. I will share a number of tips and pest control hacks that’ll easily help you to get rid of mice in the house or office easily on your own.

How to Get Rid of Mice in the House or Office Easily by YourselfDo you know what is more concerning about seeing crawling mice in the house? Well, if you can see one mice crawling, there is every possibility that there’ll be many mice hidden around. Mice have made it their favorite pastime to come inside our homes, and sneak around or to even live at times with the humans in the same home. But obviously, you can’t keep mice as a pet in your house. So, before they enter and spread in your house, it is better you take adequate actions required to prevent spreading of mice in the house. After all, who wants their favorite clothes to be torn into pieces?

Mice are going to grab the every opportunity that they get to enter your house and perhaps take shelter and grow rapidly if they get favorable conditions. But you being the owner of the house must be extra cautious and stop their entry. There was a time when our neighborhood was equally pissed off due to these rodents, but we jointly took measures to prevent that and trust me, it worked. Wondering what we did? Well that’s what I am going to discuss in this post. I am going to share you some essential tips on how to get rid of mice in the house. These techniques have worked for us and I am sure that they won’t disappoint you either.

In today’s hectic lifestyle, all of us are well occupied with our lives. There are many households where all the members go out to work and the rodents get enough time to freely move around the entire space and contaminate it with all the filth. Yes, it is quite concerning but with awareness, you may be able to prevent it to a great extent. Even though, you are not present in your home, you can always make traps for those rodents or shut down all of their entry points properly. See, nothing is impossible, and there are easy ways to tackle the problem and today, I will guide you with some essential tips on how to get rid of mice from your house naturally and easily.

I will be starting with the easy steps now, so note down the ways thoroughly and see how you can defeat the mice and get rid of them easily. After, few attempts, you will automatically notice that they will not dare coming near your property.

How to get rid of mice in the house or office on your own

Nature has designed proper space for each creature to live and if these naughty rodents are trying to break the rules and sneak into your home, it is time you punish them and teach them who the real owner is and that, no one can live inside your home without your permission. Well, jokes apart, listed below are the best hacks that can help you to get rid of mice in house easily.

Shut down entry points for mice

If you got a home with no entry points for the mice, then you can easily stop mice infestations. However, it might sound very exciting, but doing it often takes a lot of hard work as these small rodents can squeeze inside even the tiniest of openings. So, at first you need to eliminate all the easy access points that you already know to exist and then thoroughly check every nook and corner of your home whether there is any other tiny hole or opening or not.

Once you find the openings or cracks, seal it properly. Do not leave the portions open, whether there are vents or utility pipes, seal every gap properly. For sealing, you can use caulking or steel wool. Kindly try to avoid the rubber, plastic, wood etc. as mice can very comfortably gnaw through those. And, as far as the door or window gaps are concerned, get weather stripping done. Also, note that your door sweep creates a seal that is actually against the threshold when you close it.

Follow their patterns

Eliminating the entry points is certainly the best way to avoid the entry of mice inside your home but since implementing that accurately can be difficult at times, you may try out another technique. Now, to catch mice and throw them out, you need to track them down. And, for that, you need to follow their patterns. They are mostly in action between dawn to dusk but you can take note of spot evidence of their actions anytime. The first sign that most of them leaves behind is the poop. Well, each of them leaves behind at least 75 of the black little pellets daily.

Mostly they avoid open areas and move around the walls and so follow their droppings in both the directions to get an idea where they are heading to. They also gnaw at drywall or some other materials, and they create holes that are quite clean cut which may go up to 1 ½ inches in diameter. However, they can easily fit inside any dime size openings and so you must check for any holes or signs of debris in the darkest corners of your home especially in your kitchen or laundry room.

Also, keep a note on any signs of birdseed or pet food in places where you least expect them to be, like for examples the areas behind the furniture or other appliances or any other undisturbed portions of your home. They also build nests of paper or fibrous materials in mostly sheltered portions and near places where they will get constant heat, hence do keep an eye in portions close to the ovens, refrigerators, water heaters etc.

Use mouse traps

One of the other tips that I would suggest you to get rid of mice from your home or office is by using the mouse traps. For light to moderate amounts of mice in your home, the classic wooden snap traps are the best. But never underestimate mice infestations and so place as many traps as you can in various corners of your home.

In fact, for best benefits, I would recommend you to use various kinds of traps like bait traps, glue traps, multiple capture live traps and of course the wooden traps. This is a wise thing to do if you want to catch all of them as some of them might be acquainted with a certain kind of trap and know how to avoid them. So, keeping different kinds of traps will confuse them and they will eventually fall prey to any one of these traps.

Wisely choose the bait

For the bait, you can choose the food that the mice have so long been eating in your home or go for their favorite ones like cheese, chocolate, peanut butter, dried food, oatmeal etc. Once you are ready to set up your baited trap, just tie the bait with the trigger using dental floss or fishing line. You may also further secure it using a hot glue gun. Do not forget to replace with fresh bait on a gap of two days. However, in case the food is not giving positive outcome, then you can try out with nesting materials like feathers or cotton balls etc.

Place the traps carefully

You need to place the mouse traps in proper positions to increase the chances of getting them trapped easily. The best way to place them is in a position that is perpendicular to the walls with the section of the trigger facing the baseboard. This is good because it makes the mouse run into the bait directly as it moves along the walls instead of running into them from the wrong way making the traps trigger prematurely.

Also, remember to place the traps near the places where you see mice or find their signs like rodent droppings, or rubbings on walls, basements etc. This is needed as they generally do not travel much far from the sources of their food or their nesting places. And, make it a point to change the location of the traps every two or three days as mice are more curious than rats and hence will not avoid the traps.

Keep it clean and clutter free

Whether it is your home or office, keeping it clean and properly sanitized can help you immensely in getting rid of mice. If your home or office is poorly sanitized, then that will surely attract the mice and so as a tip on how to get rid of mice from the house or office, I request you to keep your home neat, clean and well organized. Cleanliness is as it is, very important but when you got mice roaming here and there in your home, cleanliness should not be compromised.

Vacuum your floors frequently and do not miss out any corner of the house or office. Wipe every counter and get rid of food residue, crumbs or any access to sources of foods. Make it a habit to store the foods in airtight containers or glass jars. And, also keep the garbage secured. Remember that the mice have very sharp incisor teeth and hence plastic bags are not at all a good option to try.

How to get rid of the mice from in and around the house?

It is not just that you got to throw them out of your house, instead you have to make sure that they are nowhere around your home as if they are, then they will try their best in getting inside your home sooner or later. For that, remove all of the debris from around your home as that can become a good place for the mice to hide. The weeds must be kept to a minimum and all the burrows and the nesting areas that you find must be immediately destroyed. You can also line the foundation of your home using a strip of heavy gravel.

The less the debris and clutter in and around your home, the more will be your chances to spot them and throw them away.

Use bait stations

Bait stations are actually the sealed bait packages that contain meals or pellets for the mice. They are generally available in plastic, cellophane or paper wrappings which make it easy for the mice to gnaw through and eat the fresh and preserved bait. Once, they feed on it, they eventually die. This is very good in driving the mice away from your home but for safety reasons, it is best if they are handled by the trained pest management professionals. However, if you still want to use them, please do it with caution and make sure they are away from the reach of kids and pets.

Start keeping pets at home

Well, certainly one of the easiest tips on how to get rid of mice from your home is by keeping pets. Now, we are not unaware about how much cats love to hunt down mice and the dogs also gather a lot of fun doing that and so keeping pets are a good option that any of us can try. In fact, in many farms, the barn cats are kept to control the population of the mice and now, it is time that you use the same trick and get rid of all of the mice from your home.

Over to you

Your home is your home and surely there is no place for mice to be around. But, since these uninvited guests come inside just around any time, you have to definitely take some action and keep them away from your home as much as possible. And, there are easy ways to get rid of mice from the house. I have discussed a few simple and easy to implement pest control hacks that you can use to get rid of mice from the house or office easily. All of these are very effectively if used wisely, so it is time that you follow these and enjoy the mice free house or office.

However, you must not underestimate the mice and apply these hacks carefully to get maximum benefiting in dealing with mice. And, as far as the usage of the bait stations goes, please do it with caution.

What else do you think one can do to get rid of mice from the home or an office? Do you know of any other effective mice removal tricks or hacks? Feel free to share with us.

Until then, stay happy and do not forget to share your opinions and suggestions regarding the tips on how to get rid of mice from the home or office. Also, please do like, share and follow the posts regularly.

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