19 Ways to Organize Room Easily and Live Clutter Free

Do you want to organize room smartly and looking for smart hacks to live a clutter free life? Are you struggling in keeping your rooms organized, neat and clean? Organizing room and living a clutter free life is not that difficult. It’s easier to get organized and to organize room, all that you have to do is make a few simple changes in your day to day habits and your lifestyle will rock. Simple habitual changes like cleaning regularly; putting things in its place, helping your kids get organized and sticking to a daily cleaning and organizing schedule can make all the difference.

I have always struggled in keeping my space clutter free. I used to live completely unorganized life and at times spend hours finding my keys or remote control. Things changed sooner once I got married and all credit goes to my sweetheart. She made small and simple changes like putting things at its right place, hanged some hooks on the walls where we hang small items like keys and made other similar changes to organize room.Best ways to organize room and live clutter free easily

Best ways to organize room and get rid of clutter

Living and organized and clutter free life is all about adopting right habits and giving some importance to it. Organizing a room never seems like a task, but it is, so give attention to it.

I am sharing a few quick and simple hacks that helped us organize room and made my house clutter free. I hope you can implement nearly all of these hacks, but feel free to try any one of these hacks and if it works well, pick the other.

Are you ready to get organized and live clutter free?

#1 Organize everyday: If you really want to organize your room and live clutter free, you can’t ignore daily organizing habits. For example, at the end of the day, make sure your old news paper, magazines etc is kept at its place.

#2 Clean your room regularly: The best way to keep you home clutter free is by cleaning it on a regular basis. Make it a habit to clean your room once or twice everyday including basic dusting and mopping of floor. At the time of dusting, just keep organizing things like newspapers, magazines, remote etc at its right place.

#3 Get rid of unnecessary papers: If you find heaps of papers in some corner of your room, then just sit for a day, go through those papers and file them accordingly. Papers like medical bills, grocery bills, electric bills etc can be filed properly and stored and anything that’s not usable can be discarded. This way you will reduce clutter to a great extent.

#4 Clean up the wardrobes regularly: If you clean your wardrobe ones every month, you’ll undoubtedly get to see some or the other stuff that you have not been using since ages. Just see if there is anything that can be discarded or donated. It will help you organize your wardrobes greatly and make it clutter free.

#5 Use wall hooks: I had a very bad habit of throwing my clothes, keys, wallet etc on the bed or sofa. That’s not a good practice. I bought some stylish hooks from the shopping mall and now I hang these stuff right there, once I am home. May sound like a very small thing, but you will be amazed to see how this small trick can make you live a clutter free life.

#6 Make a junk drawer: If you have a habit to tiny things here and there, then you better buy a junk drawer or create and fix a junk drawer under your table so that you can keep all tiny things in it, instead of scattering them on the floor, bed, table, or on any other place.

#7 Pack and store extra items: There are many things that we use occasionally and hence it’s better to store them well in cardboard boxes, briefcase and bags. For example you may have to take out a new cutlery sets for a small get together at your home. But once it’s over, you can simply pack and store it well to free up space n your kitchen.

#8 Furniture with extra storage units: Nowadays, you’ll find plenty of furniture in the market that will serve you for more than one purpose; for example – a sofa come bed or a dewaan. Both these pieces of furniture will serve you for two purposes and will save loads of space. For instance, in the case of dewaan, you can store some useful things in the storage space of the dewaan. Make use of such smart furniture.

#9 Shop wisely: I know it’s the difficult one, but still shop carefully. Be it clothes, decorative items, curtains or whatever else. And when you buy new things, make adequate arrangements for the old ones to avoid clutter.

#10 Create free spaces: When you put lots of furniture and other decorative items then you will end up creating clutter. Organize your furniture in such a way that there is enough free space around, it will look good.

#11 Create wall storage: If you feel that you have less floor space and extra furniture would take up more space, then just don’t buy furniture anymore. Instead, just make cabinets and other storage spaces on the wall so that you can store some useful items there.

#12 Teach your kids to be organized: If you teach your kids to keep thing back in their places after use, then they’ll not only learn to de-clutter their home from childhood, but your burden to clean their room will also reduce to a good extent. Ditto for every family member, it’s a combined responsibility of everyone in the family to stay well organized.

#13 Help kids get organized: Kids have a habit of taking out their toys and scatter it over the floor and create unintentional mess. Not only it creates clutter, but they may fall over it and injure themselves. That’s why it’s better to give them a separate storage unit or boxes and teach them to store their toys and other stuff in it.

#14 Everything should have its place: The main reason behind an unorganized home is, we don’t have the habit of storing things where we actually need them. Most of us have a habit of taking a thing, using it in the next room, and then we forget to bring it back to its original place; isn’t it? This leads to clutter. Therefore, it is wise to place useful stuff in a room only where we are going to use it; so that we don’t take it to the other room and forget to bring them back.

#15 Store wisely: We build our house once and then after keep on accumulating things, we bring in new stuff and forget to discard old one. Sometimes because it’s usable and other times we plan to do something with this. Whatever be the case; look for smart storage solutions and if needed move some of the stuff to warehousing facilities to create extra space.

#16 Use racks and hooks in kitchen

Different types of racks are available that can help you organize your kitchen. Racks can be used to store different types of kitchen items and it will free up the space in your work area. And best thing about such racks are that it can be on wall or even on the doors of the cabinets.

#17 Sell: If you have many items in your home that works perfectly but you hardly use them, then what you need to do is sell those items, especially if they are too expensive. You can either arrange a garage sale or just sell your goods online through many online selling websites.

#18 Donate: If you have too many goods and you hardly use them, or don’t use them at all, then in such a case just donate them to the people who need them badly. Just keep one thing in mind, don’t donate things which are completely useless because you are donating for someone’s betterment, not for the sake of donating.

#19 Dispose: Having too many useless goods at home? Well, just relax. Your trash bag must be waiting to take them all! When you have things that are completely useless and can’t be repaired, then just get rid of them by dispose them off.

Over to you

As I said, living organized and a clutter free life is all about adopting a disciplined life. Develop the habits of using things and storing it wisely at its own place, educate your child on how to organize room and stick to a proper cleaning schedule where you get rid of any garbage and unused items.


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