How to Organize Closet to Get More Space

How to Organize Closet to Get More SpaceThe closet (wardrobes or cupboards) is the most important furniture in your home because this is where you stash all kinds of items, thousands of various kinds of things. There are things which you use regularly and frequently, whereas on the other hand, there are things which are hidden in the closet since the Neolithic ages.  Today, in my article, I will deal with how to organize closet space easily.

You keep your clothes, bags, cosmetics, accessories, money in the closet. All these things are of various shapes and sizes, various functions. The closet is a big space, but you cannot keep all these items together in the closet. The things must be kept and arranged in different compartments and drawers so that you can find the things easily.

Tips to Organize Closet and Free-up More Space

There are some basic tips that you must follow if you want to organize your home, including closet. In the next few paragraphs, I will discuss the same so that you can be confident about organizing your closet.

  • Screen the items: Take a close look at the items in the closet. If you find any things that are damaged or unwanted, please get rid of them. If the condition of the clothes is good, but no longer in your size, then do not hesitate to donate them. Empty your closet, and then decide one by one which are the objects you want and which you do not.
  • Make use of empty space: In your closet there are empty spaces like the inner doors of the furniture. You can make use of this space. Install drawers or cabinets here where you can keep the smaller items like the undergarments, handkerchiefs, socks, cosmetics like nail polish and lipsticks etc. In these cabinets, you can keep all those items which consume long hours to find them. Install drawers in your closet so that you can keep various kinds of things together, for example, in one drawer there will be the clothes you wear frequently, on the other some gorgeous dresses which you wear during occasions and so on.
  • Install lights: Install a light inside the closet. Switch it one when you open the closet and trying to find out something there. The light will help you to navigate through the hundreds of different kinds of objects.
  • Group items together: If you want your closet to look good, then you can group the similar kinds of items together. You can keep all the jeans together, all the shirts together, all the salwars and kurtis together etc. This will make the closet look clean and organized, and you can find the items easily.
  • Hangers: There are mainly two kinds of hangers available in the market, one is the wooden ones and the others are plastics. The plastic hangers are cheaper than the wooden once and they are colourful too. But the wooden ones are more durable and long lasting. Use the hangers to hang the clothes in your closet, and get hold of the clothes as per your wish easily.

Over to you

Now that you have read the post, I hope you are more confident about organizing your closet. People often find it impossible to find the required objects in their unruly closet; they tend to spend lot of time in finding objects. They feel that it is nightmare and also difficult task to organize the closet. But with the above steps, you can control the situation and organize the closet easily. Follow the above tips and also share the same with your friends.

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