Packing for Hostel – Things worth packing when moving to a hostel

How to Pack for Hostel - Essential Packing Tips for StudentsYou have completed your class 12 with flying colours, now you are set to study the subject of your choice in a degree course. Congratulations for your success. The college life awaits you. You have watched in many movies the rocking college life, the more colourful hostel life, and you are expecting to have a similar good time in your life too. This is the first time you will leave your home, and stay in hostel, so called unknown place, and for that, I am sure you will want some tips. We often receive enquiries from student via live chat on ServiceSutra about what to pack and how to move essential things. In this post, I want to discuss about how to do best packing for hostel. If you are moving to a hostel and wondering what is to be packed and how then this is the post worth reading.

People often say that hostel is their second home, they settle there for three years as if it’s their home. You will have your roommate, your own room, here you have got to work all by yourself, your mom will not be there to serve you food or to do the laundry. Before packing, you must make a list of items that are must, without which you cannot survive even for a day. Accordingly, you must start packing.

Here’s how to do the best packing for hostel

There are a few essential items worth packing for hostel including clothes, books, first aid box and so on. There are other items which may not be essential like snacks, pickle etc. When you are packing for hostel, just be a little sure about what to pack and what not. You may not get the liberty or plenty of space to keep your stuff, so pack accordingly. In this post I will try and explain how to do the best packing for hostel, especially when you are moving to a hostel for the first time (not in same order).

Hope you are ready? Let’s get started.

  • Important documents: The mark sheets, acceptance letters, JEE admit card, offer letters, other important documents, plenty of passport size photographs, as you will need those for several purposes in college like college admit card and library membership card.
  • Clothes: The climate of the place has to be taken in consideration. The clothes will depend on the maritime or continental climate, or whether it is a hilly area. Pack clothes for daily wear, and you can pack maximum three dresses for special occasions like freshers’ welcome etc. Pack clothes so that you can wear everything with anything. Pack maximum three pairs of shoes, including one flip flops which you can wear daily. If you need anything, then you can always take them from home the next time you visit, or buy from the new place itself. Pack good quantity of undergarments, shocks, and handkerchiefs as you need these things every day and you may not get the time to wash it on daily basis.
  • First aid box: Pack a first aid kit and that’s a must. If you take any medicine on regular basis, then make sue to pack them along with other first aid essentials like band-aids, medicines for flu or stomach disorders, some medicines for common diseases like indigestion, acidity, antiseptic creams etc.
  • Accessories: Take some essential accessories like deos, watch, nail cutter, shaving kit, watch, gadgets and the chargers, pen drives, laptops, calculators, spectacles, if you wear contact lens then the lens solution, lens washing tubs, extra pair of lenses etc.
  • Toiletries: The shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, body soap, hand sanitizer, body creams and moisturizers, sunscreen lotions and powder or talc, some washing detergents, dishwashing soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, tongue cleaner, mouthwash, handwash etc.
  • Stationary: The stationary items are important like, the pens, pencils, scales, measuring tapes, paper pins, scissors, highlighter, glue, diary or notebooks, lock and key (2 pairs) etc.
  • Dry foods: Keep some supplies of dry foods with you while packing like biscuits, laddoo (dry sweets), some “namkeen” items, and Chawanprash (I llike Patanjali J) for preventing cough and cold. You can take hot plate or electric kettle for making noodles, tea or coffee, etc.
  • Some extra items: Apart from what we have already discussed and if you have space left, consider including extra items as per our needs. This list may include your Guitar, jogging shoes, chess board etc.

Over to you

The staying in the hostel part is very adventurous and exciting at times. You will be living on your own like a grown up man. Living in hostel will make you self sufficient too, which is important for the later part of your life. You can pack the items in bag pack, but try not to exceed the numbers of luggage. For the initial time period, consider only the essential items. Gradually, when you will be acquainted with the new place, you will be able to navigate through local markets and shops and get the supplies you need. I hope you are feeling a bit confident now and understand what to pack and how to do the best packing for hostel.

Best Wishes!

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