A Guide to Choosing the Right Moving Service Provider in Delhi

The capital city of India, Delhi is an amazing and very happening city. Needless to city is one of the oldest and bigger cities of India. And if you are living in Delhi, and planning to relocate to some other area within Delhi NCR or wish to move out of Delhi and relocate to some other state, you are most likely planning to use professional packing and moving service provider in Delhi for your upcoming move.

The professional movers and packers in Delhi offer complete packing and moving services which can be used by individuals as well as businesses. No matter what’s the move size, and where you wish to relocate to, if you have a professional mover packer service provider to help you relocate your goods, there’ll be no need for you to worry about anything during the relocation process.

The movers and packers service provider in Delhi usually offer complete door to door shifting services that generally includes follow tasks:

  • Disassembling of furniture and appliances
  • Packing of all the household items
  • Loading carefully on to the truck
  • Transporting to the destination with insurance
  • Unloading at your house
  • Unpacking all the goods
  • Re-arranging items in your new home

And therefore, when you have professional moving service provider performing these tasks for you, there’s no reason why you would not use professional moving service to relocate your home or office in Delhi.

But, how do you plan to find and hire local moving service provider in Delhi? Finding and choosing the right moving service provider in Delhi for your upcoming move may sounds like an easy thing that you can do in minutes. But, take my words; it takes a little more time to get it absolutely right, than what you might have actually thought it’s going to take.

In fact using servicesutra free quotations form, you can quickly get quotations from up to three of the top rated local packer and movers companies in Delhi. But, how do you plan to screen and hire a service provider, randomly or someone that offers the cheapest possible rates? If that’s how you are planning to finalize a packing and moving service provider in Delhi, then you are probably doing it wrong. And there are ways to do it right, and relocate safely and at cheaper rates.

There are so many options of moving companies in Delhi; you got to be very sure about finding and hiring the rightly experienced movers and packers in Delhi for the upcoming house move. If there is a home or office relocation already planned, and you are stuck and spoiled with choices and unsure about choosing the right moving service provider in Delhi, then I have got you covered.

Today, I am sharing a few of the best hacks that you can use to find, screen and hire the best and most competent pack and movers in Delhi for all kind of shifting needs, be it household goods, industrial goods or any other items.

So are you ready, to get started?

Let’s dive in.

3 Step guide to choosing the right mover and packer in Delhi

There are so many things to look at when choosing and hiring moving serve providers in Delhi. But for the hake of understanding and keeping the whole process simpler, we are going to broadly divide the entire finding and hiring process to three steps i.e. screening, negotiating and finalizing.

But, even before you start evaluating mover packer companies in Delhi for an upcoming home or office shifting, it is important to contact multiple companies, at least two or three companies. I mean, unless you compare one service provider against other, how on earth you are going to get hold of best possible vendor, at cheapest possible rates?

And therefore, the process starts by contacting multiple moving companies and getting quotations from them.

Now, let’s take a closer look at all these steps and see how it will help you find and choose the best moving service provider in Delhi.


Proper and through screening of potential mover and packer Delhi is more than important, because you don’t really want to miss out this crucial step. Screening is the process of checking basic business registration, tax, insurance etc to ensure that there is a business behind and it’s not a one man individual that you are relying on.

There is plenty of difference between working with an individual and a company. Individuals can quickly run away, but a business cannot, and hence it makes sense.

During the screening process, the focus needs to be only in establishing the fact that the business is legitimate. You should look for some or all of these documents and papers (related to business) to establish this fact:

  • Trade license
  • Business incorporation certificate (in case of Pvt ltd or LLP company)
  • PAN card
  • GST certificate
  • KYC of the promoter like Aadhar card, Driving license etc
  • Bank account (you can insist on paying by a cheque)
  • Industry certification like an ISO certificate

This step will help you eliminate any shady moving service provider from your probably list of moving companies in Delhi you are considering in first place. According to a media report, Delhi NCR is the hub of shady moving companies and movers are mushrooming in Delhi NCR every season. Needless to say, all of them are not legitimate and trust worthy.


When moving a house or an office, not only you want to hire the best available packers and movers in Delhi, but you also want to ensure that you are hiring them at the right price. No one will be happy to pay more for moving services, when there are ways to negotiate and bring the moving charges down.

Now that you have a few genuine companies on board, the next step is to negotiate and bring the overall moving costs down. And in order to negotiate and bargain for a better deal with moving companies, you got to have some idea of the costs involved.

Now that you are considering multiple companies, hopefully you will have quotations from them, if not, ask for quotations from all of the local packer and mover in Delhi.

Also, you should insist on a home visit, this way the representative of the mover packer company in Delhi will be able to get the real stock of items that is to be moved, and when they meet face to face, you can also them other relevant questions if any. If you have any special requirements like disassembling of older furniture or uninstalling the AC or water filter etc, you can discuss these requirements with them as well.

Now back to packing and moving charges in Delhi and negotiating with the movers to bring it down, let the movers know that you have got quotations from three different mover packer companies in Delhi and that you are considering one of them.

In fact you trick them to reduce the quoted price; given you have service provider willing to do it for that cost. But just be soft and slow and don’t over negotiate, or else the movers may not go down. I mean it is okay to use your negotiating skills, but not to an extent where the packer and mover get forced to compromise with the quality of packing.


Now, that the negotiation is done, it’s time to finalize and choose the best among all probable movers and packers companies. But, before finalizing a vendor for packing and moving services in Delhi, you must finalize the payment terms and other terms of services.

Wondering what is remaining to finalize? Well, start off with the payment terms.

Generally, moving companies ask for 80:20 payment terms, that is normal standard. But, there is every possibility of negotiating a better payment terms as per the need and situation.

Second important thing that need to be considered is terms of delivery, which includes:

  • Date of packing and loading
  • Date of delivery of goods
  • Grace period (not more than a couple of days, due to unforeseen reasons like road blockage etc)
  • Is it door to door or door to godown or godown to godown
  • Is the cost of insurance included in the quotations or will be charged separately, if it is going to be charged separately, then how much it’s going to cost.
  • Is there any other hidden costs? If any, put them in paper.

Now that you have discussed and finalize these crucial terms of service and payments, you should be good to choose a packer mover service in Delhi for your upcoming home or office moving needs. In fact if you follow this simple three step process, it’s going to work wonderfully for all types of moving needs, be it household goods, vehicles, storage service, office supplies or any other service that the moving companies offer in Delhi.

Over to you

Finding movers is not a big deal, thanks to the smart phone in your hand. But if you want the process to be right and you want to ensure you are working with a genuinely place, relevant and cost worthy moving service provider in Delhi, then you have to know the tricks of the trade or learn how to find, screen, negotiate and hire the best packing and moving service provider in Delhi.

I have already discuss the three step moving process in this guide that anyone can use to find and choose the best packing and moving service provider in Delhi for all types of packing, moving and storage service needs.

The three step formula discussed in this guide includes

  • Screening – screening helps you screen the best possible vendors with proper business registration and license that you can rely on.
  • Negotiating – to ensure that the movers are not charging you an absurd amount and that you have negotiated a good deal for your next move.
  • Finalizing – this is the final step to dig deeper and ensure that there is a viable payment  and delivery terms in place and that there are no other hidden charges.

So when you screen and evaluate a potential mover and packer for hiring on three of these important parameters, there is every possibility that you will not fall in to the hands of mediocre and shady moving companies in Delhi, during the move.

Finally, if you have relocated in the past in Delhi NCR and know of any other trick that one should apply when choosing the right moving service provider in Delhi, then feel free to share by commenting below.

Let us know what else one should do to get hold of the best moving service provider in Delhi at most competent rates.

Happy relocation!

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