How to Efficiently Unpack after Moving a House

Unpacking household goods and loose items packed inside the moving crate or carton boxes after moving to a new house may sound like an easy thing to do. But trust me, it’s not. In fact, I can tell you from my personal house moving experiences that packing and moving is just the 70% of the complete relocation process, and rest 30% includes unpacking and getting settled in comfortably in your new home.

And therefore, I never consider moving as a one long task, rather I consider it like a process that includes several important tasks including unpacking and getting organized and settled after moving to a new house.

How to efficiently unpack after moving house
How to efficiently unpack after moving house

So, even if the movers and packers have delivered all the household goods and several boxes, don’t just rush out to unpack everything randomly. You better save your energy to unpack everything strategically and organize your new house comfortably.

There is no need to unpack all the household items and carton boxes at a time, because you may be already tired due to hectic packing schedule and traveling for long hours. And therefore, unpacking everything right after reaching your new home may become too stressful and tiring for you.

So, it’s time to take a long breathe and take some rest and then plan about how to unpack all those household goods, appliances and boxes efficiently.

It is highly recommended that you take your time and unpack the boxes as per the priority, feasibility and comfort. But just keep it mind to not delay unpacking because unless you have unpacked all your household items, you will not be able to get settled down in your new home properly.

And therefore, knowing how to unpack after moving to a new house is equally important. If you are relocated or planning to relocate and wondering about how to unpack efficiently after moving a house then I have got your covered, as today I am discussing everything worth knowing about how to unpack after moving.

I am also sharing a few of the best hacks that should be considered at the time of packing that’ll help you unpack your goods efficiently and effortlessly.

So, let’s just get started with unpacking.

Tips for unpacking efficiently after moving house

Even before you start unpacking, you should clean your home first because it is easier to clean a space that is empty.

Because, once you place the items, you may not be able to clean every nook and corner of your new home, and the dirt will remain accumulated there until the next time you decide to take efforts to place the items somewhere else to clean those hard-to-reach areas of the home.

Now that proper house cleaning is out of the way, you can get started with unpacking. And for unpacking, the golden rule is to unpack the most essential household items first and continue to the least used items according to your situation and lifestyle needs.

Now that the golden rule is sorted, let’s get to the job of unpacking and here’s how to unpack efficiently and comfortably after moving a house.

Unpack essentials first

The essential survival box (if you had packed one) contains all the crucial items that helps an individual to survive the first few hours in the new house without unpacking all the boxes. So, it is obvious that the essential box or the survival box is the first box that you should unpack.

However, if by mistake, you have not packed the essential items separately, then you will have to take the extra effort to check your copy of the packing list and locate the boxes to take out the most essential household items.

The essential items usually include some clothes, medicines, easy to make snacks, medicines, prescriptions, important documents, basic toiletries, mobile charger etc., so make sure you unpack these at first.

Unpack kid’s essentials

Now, after you are done unpacking the essential household items, it is time to concentrate on the items of your kid and your pet, if any.

This is because moving is stressful for all but it affects the children and pets the most. Many times, they do not express but they remain anxious. So, if you are able to unpack and organize your little one’s items quickly, then that will kind of create a familiar environment for them which will somehow help to lessen the anxiety.

Same goes with your pet as well. So, it is important to organize your kids’ room and your pet’s items first and for that unpacking their items quickly is important.

It is better not to disrupt with the usual routine of the kids and the pets much, otherwise that can affect them and make them anxious in some cases.

Unpack kitchen items

Now, it is time to unpack the kitchen items and setup your kitchen quickly so that you can cook and feed your family and kids. This is because kitchen is something that you will have to use on a regular basis, so there is no point in delaying much in it. In fact, it is better if you have packed the kitchen items in a separate box so that you can locate them quickly and arrange them in the kitchen.

However, it is a fact that most of us have a lot of cooking utensils and appliances, so if you are too tired to take all of them out and arrange them in the kitchen, simply take out those appliances and utensils that you require immediately first and then come back to unpacking rest of the stuff later. For the time being, you can keep the packed boxes in the kitchen for it will help you locate items later and also free up the space in common area/room.

Organize bedrooms

After a long hectic journey, we all require some rest and for that and therefore it’s important to organize your bed. Now, for the first night, you may not be able to organize a perfect bedroom but at least you can put the beds together and unpack the bed-sheet etc. And, if you have already set aside a single set of bed sheet for each bed while packing, then unpacking becomes easier for you.

Also, take out the pillows, pillow cases and comforters etc. because you are going to need them for a proper night sleep.

Next is to take out the curtains. You got to put them for your own privacy and obviously to obstruct outside light. As far as the other bedroom items are concerned, you may arrange only the bedroom necessities on the first day and get the rest done the next day or as per your convenience.

Like for example, every bedroom usually has a closet, and organizing it properly can be very important. So, what you can is to take out some of your clothes that you will be using in the next few days and store them in the closet. And, as far as the rest of your clothes and other items are concerned, get it done within the next 2-3 days.

Unpack toiletries

Most of the bathroom essentials will go inside the essential box like for example the basic toiletries, towel, personal care items etc., so hopefully by this time; you will have unpacked those items already. Now, it is time to arrange them properly inside your bathroom and enjoy a warm relaxing shower.

Unpack furniture

If you have the floor plan sketches or the blueprint of your new home, then it is advisable that you decide what furniture to keep where. This will prevent you from wasting time in deciding the positioning of the furniture and the larger appliances.

Now, if you have a lot of big appliances to assemble and organize, it is better you start with the important ones. Like for example, the refrigerator, dining table, the chairs, washing machine, cooking stove, dishwasher etc. are the items that you will require on a regular basis. So, assemble and arrange them first and then proceed with the other furniture and home appliances.

Other utility items

One of the last spaces to unpack will definitely be the basement, garage, and other utility areas. Now, since most of the garage items are not that essential, it is best to get the space properly organized before starting to unpack. However, do, unpack all of the tools and other materials needed to keep your home functional.

Decorative items

You can easily live without decorating your rooms, so I will suggest you to unpack the decorative items at last. And, once you have unpacked them, decide which item to keep where, and accordingly decorate your space.  

That’s pretty much all you need to follow to unpack your goods safely and efficiently.

Now, there are certain packing hacks that can surprisingly help you unpack your goods efficiently, and we are discussing it following section.

Get rid of empty boxes

Now, that you are through with unpacking, one big task is to get rid of the empty moving boxes and other packing materials like the foams, cushions, wraps etc. Don’t get mistaken, for it is a real challenge. The best thing to do is to see if the movers and packers would like to take it back. Some of the moving companies may take it back, especially if you have unpacked those boxes carefully and if the boxes can be re-used for packing.

But if that does not work, you have to get rid of it on your own, and we have a detailed post on how to get rid of empty moving boxes and other packing materials after moving that I suggest you to check.

Packing tips that help you unpack surprisingly

It is important that you pack your boxes properly because if you are not well organized at the time of packing, you may have plenty of issues and difficulty at the time of unpacking household items.

Among all other household packing tips, the golden one is to pack the most essential items in a separate box so that you can have access to the important items and unpack them easily.

Another important thing to note at the time of packing is to maintain a proper packing list and keep a clear note of what items are kept in which box.

You may also take proper pictures of the boxes after placing the items inside it, so that you can remember how and where you have placed your belongings. 

Opting for room-wise packing of the items is also a wise thing to do because it will make things easy for you later at the time of unpacking. Clubbing similar items together can help you amazingly at the time of unpacking.

But, whatever way you pack, remember that labeling the boxes is very important for you to track items easily.

The bottom line

Packing, moving and unpacking can take serious toll at times. We often assume that the process of packing and transporting is all that matters, because unpacking can be done in jiffy.

But you know properly unpacking household goods after moving to a new house require equal efforts. Setting up your new home after moving in is not an easy task, and it requires planning and physical efforts.

So, it is best not to attempt to get everything done at the very first day after reaching your new home. Take your time and unpack the boxes as per its usability, importance and your convenience.

Like for example, the items are crucial for your survival and those that you require on a daily basis should be unpacked and organized at first. And then, proceed with unpacking other rooms. Like go with your nursery and kids and pet items and organize their space, then concentrate on the kitchen, bedroom and the bathroom. The garage, basement and decorative items are the last things to unpack.

And finally, if this is your first house, then you may like to learn about the most essential things needed to setup a new house.

I personally have followed these unpacking tips and sequence while unpacking when I relocated. And I can confirm that it helps unpack efficiently.

What else do you think matters at the time of unpacking household goods after moving? If you have some relocation experience, then feel free to call us how you unpacked and what made the unpacking process efficient and convenient? Feel free to share your feedback and comments by sharing below.

Happy unpacking!

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