Small House Interior Design Tips worth Checking

Having a very big and spacious home opens up a lot of interior design options whereas fitting everything in a small space is not going to be easy. But, if you learn how to modify your interior decoration ideas, then you will be able to decorate your small house really well. If you have a small house and wondering about how to plan and decorate home really well, then here’s the post worth checking. Today, I am sharing a few of the best small house interior design tips and hacks that’ll help you get it right, and make your rooms spacious and comfortable with extra storage space.

House design can be tricky, especially when you are designing a house which is comparatively smaller in size. Sine the space is small, you have to find the perfect balance while decorating. When decorating a small house, less is more. Too much of decor can make the space extremely suffocating. Also, it is important that you learn to prioritize things and accordingly decorate the spaces with the essentials.

Today there is no limit as far as style and features are concerned, and there are various options to decorate even a small house. And I am happy to share a few of the best small house interior design ideas with you. If you have already hired an interior designer, then they will certainly suggest the best, but otherwise you can try these interior decorating tips will not only make your home look beautiful, but will also be instrumental in making your small home look bigger and spacious.

Small house interior design: things to know

While designing a small house, it’s important to design and decorate it in a style that reflects your personality and the kind of lifestyle you and your family lead. In addition, while designing specific rooms, it is important to see that the design goes well with the main theme of the rooms as well as are in sync with the overall decor of the home. And, also, look for styles and home decorating ideas that have comfort and sophistication written all over it because that is what homes are all about.

But, you can always experiment with interior decorating styles, and as far as small house interior design tips are concerned, here’s all you need know.

Minimalist design

Well, just as I said when it is about designing a small house, it is important to follow minimalism, because when it comes to modern interior designing, they say less is more.

And since your space is already small, there is no point over doing it, otherwise it will look too busy and crowded.

Try lighter theme and shade

Painting the spaces with lighter shades is one way to making your small space look bigger and spacious. And trust me; just by following this simple principle of designing a small house, you can make your space look good, comfortable and spacious.

And as we’re talking about the lighter shades, it’s not just limited to the wall colors but is applicable to overall theme and elements be it the furniture or flooring.

Light colored flooring also contributes in creating an illusion of the rooms being more spacious. Now, if your floors are already of dark color, then you can easily consider covering as much floor space as possible with light colored beautifully designed carpets and areas rugs. Just see to it that it goes with the color of the walls.

Well, going tonal or using shades of the same color also helps in creating a calming, relaxing and soothing oasis irrespective of the size of the space, so that is also something you can keep in mind while choosing the colors.

And, there is no restriction as far as using dark colors in the rooms is concerned, it is just that when your rooms are already small, using dark color paint will create a feeling as if the rooms are getting all the more shrieked. But, if you really like bright and dark colors, then you can paint your big rooms using those.

Use smart furniture

While you are buying furniture for a small house, it is important that you buy them as per the size of your rooms. And possibly, you should measure the size of the rooms first, and then accordingly buy the furniture to avoid buying wrong sizes.

And when it comes to small home interior, it’s always better to use multipurpose furniture, with hidden storage space. Like for example, a sofa that has got pull out storage space or an ottoman that you can open for extra storage when required. In addition, try to identify furniture that you can downsize as that will help in creating free space.

You may also try furniture made of glass because it’ll help create the illusion of a bigger space. They come in various designs and also bring uniqueness to the whole space.

I would also suggest you to look for furniture with leg showings as they draw out attention to the upward direction and creates an illusion of more space and light in comparison to the furniture that directly rest on the floor and lead to a more bigger and bulkier look especially when kept in an already small space.

Well, at the end of the day, it is your decision. But, whatever be it, do not compromise with comfort as that is really important. So, do choose comfortable furniture besides considering their size as per the size of your interior space.

Use mirror extensively

Mirrors can be truly instrumental in creating an illusion of a larger space. So, you may consider placing them as a covering of the entire side of the wall or on sliding closet doors. No matter where it fits, if your space is smaller, using mirror can be a very smart interior design hack.

Moreover, having mirrors also helps the rooms look brighter which is also very much favorable for smaller spaces.

Use proper lighting

Lighting obviously plays a big role while designing small homes. The best thing is to go for lights that will help in making your interior space look spacious. For that, you may go for small lamps, as then the lighter will be well spread all over the room and your eyes will automatically move all around the room, thereby creating an illusion of the room being bigger. In contrast to that, going for harsh top-down lighting kind of make the rooms look smaller as here the lights are mainly focused upon one specific space, so you may avoid them.

However, besides all of these, you need to make sure that your home gets lot of natural light because this will contribute in automatically brightening up and making small home look bigger. So, you can consider going for bigger or more number of windows so that more and more light can enter.

Try stripes on wall

In case you are not aware, let me just tell you that going for stripes is a great option to make the space look bigger. Both vertical and horizontal stripes work really well. The vertical stripes help drawing your eyes in the upward direction while in the case of horizontal stripes, the rooms look bigger. However, while you are choosing colors, just be sure that it goes with the rest of the fabrics and the finishes in the room. In other words, it should go with the overall theme of the whole space.

Use vertical space

If your rooms are small, then using vertical space properly can be very helpful when decorating your space. In fact, you will be surprised how much experiment you can do with your ceilings. Like for example, you can make extra usage of the ceiling space by going for hanging storage elements.

Making proper usage of the vertical space will give you the chance to maneuver around your home. For that, you may even consider placing your bed on a platform and help create some extra storage space underneath. Then you can also think about creating shelving above or around the door frames. Trust me these are great and really smart small home solutions that you can go for.

Experiment with window

I already told you that having windows is necessary as that will allow natural light to enter your interior space. But, if you are planning to go for window treatments that are heavy, bulky and ornate, then that may not be a very wise thing to do. There is no doubt that they will become pretty but using curtains, drapes etc. made with too much heavy and highly decorated materials will simply absorb too much natural light, and make the rooms too much stuffy. In other words, your purpose of making the rooms look bright and bigger will not be served.

So, I think, going for sheer lace curtains or slatted window blinds or bamboo shades is a good option. The slatted blinds will give you enough privacy when you keep them closed while the bamboo shades will provide you semi privacy when you close it, and it will allow the light to come in through the wooden materials.


The high cost of properties and apartments in major cities are forcing many of us to buy a smaller house. And when you have a small house to design, you got to be very careful with your interior design plans to make it look bigger, spacious as well as comfortable for living.

Thankfully there are smarter ways to design a small house, and I have already shared a few of the expert small house interior design tips that may help you to get it right.

What else do you think one should keep for a small house interior design and decorating? Feel free to share your interior design tricks and hacks for smaller spaces by commenting below.

Happy home decorating!

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