Moving and Packing: How to Pack and Send Items Safely

Roughly 16 billion packages were sent in 2020 — up from 11 billion in 2018. When you’re moving home, packing and shipping your belongings is one of your prime responsibilities. However, shipping costs can get expensive quickly. It’s therefore important to pack your items carefully and efficiently in order to protect your belongings and maximize any potential savings.

If you are planning to move your household goods and you are wondering how to pack and send the belongings safely without hassles, then here’s all you need to know.

Use the right sized boxes

Using the right size of box is a key step that ensures you don’t end up overpaying. While the box has to be big enough to adequately protect your belongings, using something too big means that you have to rely on extra unnecessary packaging material to fill the empty space. Ideally, you should start out with a variety of boxes so you always have the right size on hand for your needs.

Group similar items together

You may have different types of items and they may differ in shape, size and weight. Some of the items may be highly fragile and other items may be hardy and strong. At the time of packing, you should take extra precaution and care to group such items together. When you group similar size items together, you will be able to save space, pack those items safely, and even may have less number of boxes to ship.

Don’t over-pack

Overfilling your boxes can be easy to do — particularly if you’re trying to pad your belongings well. However, using too much padding material can mean you use a bigger box than you really need to. In turn, this increases the cost and volume of your packing material, and the total price of the entire delivery. So, while it’s important to use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or packing paper to protect your items, don’t overdo it. If you’re packing a watch, for example, just use a few layers of bubble wrap, and make sure the watch still fits in its box.

Stack the items carefully

Even though you are using the good quality moving boxes to pack the items, it’s important to stack each of the individual items carefully in the box. Stacking the belongings randomly may result in collision during the move, and that can damage the items packed inside the moving boxes. So take extra precaution while stacking the items and ensure that there is minimal gap and scope for collision during the move.

Put correct label

Now that all the items and belongings are packed in those moving boxes, the next step is to label the boxes. Adding appropriate label, marks and handling instruction on those boxes will ensure that the boxes will be handled carefully by the shipping companies. If there are fragile items, then make sure to add the label. Hope you get the point.

Use package tracking

Make sure to use a delivery company that offers a package tracking service. Whether you’re doing a large scale removal or shipping individual items, package tracking will give you peace of mind that your package is safely on the way to where it’s supposed to be heading — which is particularly valuable for expensive or time-sensitive deliveries. With tracking, there’s less risk of your package disappearing into thin air. If your parcel does encounter any problems, you’ll be immediately aware of them. Since you’re provided with more information about your parcel (it’s up-to-date location and the status of your delivery), both you and your courier will know if it’s on schedule or delayed. In turn, if you do need to make a call, customer service will be smoother and more efficient.


Moving and packing can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t plan everything correctly. Packaging items as carefully and efficiently as possible is essential for keeping your valuables safe and costs down. With these packing tips, you’ll be able to successfully pack your items with minimal hassle.

What else do you think one should do to get it right?

Share your favorite packing tips by commenting below!

Happy relocation!!

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