Is It Safe to Use Movers and Packers Services for Relocation in India?

Ever wondered if it would be wise to use movers and packers services for relocation of household goods and appliances? There are many who think it’s better to pack and move everything independently than using packers and movers services. If you are planning to relocate your home and you are not sure whether it makes sense to use movers and packers services or not then here’s the post worth reading.

I have worked with several movers and packers agencies and have helped over 50K users in relocating various types of household and other items across India. Let me give you a good overview of when to use movers and packers services and when it’s better to not use the movers and packers services for relocating.

When to use movers and packers services?

Using movers and packers services make more sense when you plan to shift household goods and articles. It is most suited when you get transferred to a different state or city within India. Movers’ services can also be used to shift home articles within the city. But it makes more sense, when you have lots of goods and articles.

use movers and packers services for relocation

Let me explain it on the basis of three main parameters;


Since you are unsure about safety, let me tell you how movers can ensure safety of the goods. Imagine packing a 3 seater leather sofa or a cupboard on your own? Can you really pack it in such a way that even if it falls down, it won’t get damaged? I am sure you can’t pack it on your own.

But when you involve a professional movers and packers, you can be rest assured that they will pack it in such a way, that even if it falls down while loading, there will be no damage. Movers and packers these days use wooden crate as additional safety layer for costly and heavy items.

Movers and packers do multi layer packing these days for heavy household items that can’t be dismantled to ensure safety while it’s being transported. First layer using bubble wrap, second layer using cardboard sheet, third layer of poly sheet (water proofing) and finally it will be kept in the wooden crate/frame for additional safety.

Can you think of doing it on your own and even if you try to procure these many packing supplies, I am sure you won’t be able to match the level of a professional who have the expertise to pack and mover things on daily basis.


As you know, this is going to be the most critical part of entire relocation, it’s important to find out why choosing movers and packers make more sense than relocating on your own. Movers and packers usually have their own fleet to transport domestic household articles. But even if they won large fleet, they have associated transporters who provide them the vehicle. Naturally, they get better rates. Imagine you looking for a transporter, negotiating on fare and most importantly, you may not have the goods of a full truck load. So cost of transportation is anyways going to be a matter of concern.

Another thing to note is you already trust an independent transporter who may not even have an office in your city. It’s much better to trust a mover than a transporter. If anything goes wrong, you can at least see them and go to their office and get your concern addressed.


If you plan to move your goods on your own, the maximum that you get covered is damage during transportation through transit insurance. But the fact of the matter is chances of damage are less during transporting than loading and unloading. Most of the time damage happens while loading or unloading things and transit insurance may not cover such damages.

But movers and packers offers all inclusive insurance which is a little costlier but they cover damage at the time of loading, transporting and unloading which I think is much better than normal transit insurance facility.

Taking precautions when using movers and packers services in India

Using movers and packers for relocating home, office, motor car and bike is always better than struggling on your own. But there are a few basic things to note when hiring movers and packers. We have written many posts on this topic, but here’s what to do and how to hire movers and packers services in India;

  • Talk to a couple of movers available locally in your city
  • Invite them to survey before asking for rates and quotations
  • Meet them in person, possibly in their office
  • Check all of the papers including applicable licenses, registration
  • Agree on all inclusive quotation including insurance and taxes
  • Work out part payment (70:30 is the norm) and never pay in cash
  • Take bills, check that the address, contact number everything is valid at the moment

When you take precautions and engage rightly placed movers, you will have no hassles whatsoever. But be reasonable, because delay of a couple of days is not uncommon in moving industry in India.

When using movers & packers service may not make sense?

Movers usually pack and shift entire house, volume is the keyword for them. They can’t help you relocate one bag full of clothes or a window AC irrespective of whether you want to move locally or out of state.

It will be really hard for them to keep track of one such carton or box, because they will send it on a shared truck and things get unloaded at wrong place and lots of hassles are involved and it is not commercially viable for both movers and packers and the consumer.

And incase you have decided to pack and move on your own, here are the packing and moving tips worth looking at.

To conclude

Yes. It makes lots of sense to use movers and packers services for home, office or car relocation. Just be a little sure and choose the best movers and packers agency available. Always check papers, address, contact number etc and agree on making part payments when hiring movers. Avoid using movers and packers services to send a bag full of clothes or one window AC. It’s not a viable option.

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