Window Treatments: 6 Easy Ways to Get It Right

Window Treatments: 6 Ways to Get It RightWhen you think of decorating your home, you often concentrate on floors, walls, accessories and you miss out the window treatments. The window treatments are like garnishing the food before serving in the plate. Without proper window décor the room will not have the look that you desire to give it. If you like to decorate your home and looking for amazingly simple ways to do window treatments then here’s the post worth reading. I am discussing some of the most innovative ideas for window treatments that you can apply and decorate the windows of your sweet home.

The window treatments should not be a costly affair and it can be well decorated quite cheaply. All that you need to decorate the windows is some innovative ideas and imaginations. The window treatments means referring the window panes, curtains and other accessories that you may add to it to make the overall window area look beautiful.

Simple ways to decorate windows at home

The windows are often the neglected areas of the house. At the most what you do is hang some curtains. But hanging curtains will not help you much in making it look good. If you want to make your room just perfect, here’s how you can treat the windows.

#1. Proper curtains

Do not just hang any curtains of your choice. The curtains must go well with the walls, floors, other décor of the room and also the purpose of the room. The window treatment of the living room and the bedroom must not be same. Choose the curtains matching with the carpets or rugs, this way there will be symmetry in the room. Also, hang curtains according to the climate, for example in summers you can hang deep shades cotton curtains so that there are limited sunrays in the room keeping the room cooler.

#2. The curtain length

Select the curtain long so that it touches the floors. Doing so will make the room look bigger than the actual size? The length and breadth of the curtain is important. Make the curtain wide enough so that there at least 1.5 inches extra on each side. This way the windows will look bigger.

#3. The accessories

There are some accessories that will enhance the overall beauty of the windows in your room. The curtain ties are very important as they look elegant. You can tie both the halves of the curtain and tie back, if the curtain is smaller in size then one curtain tie is good enough as well.

#4. Beads

Another amazing way for the window treatment is the glass beads or the colourful beads strung together in a thread. You can hang the beads curtain over your curtain and this will just look awesome.

#5. Wind chime

I have a cute purple and silver colour wind chime hung beside the cream colour curtains and these two objects just complement each other. When the breeze blows, the wind chime makes tingling sound and the ambience becomes so gorgeous and melodious. I even have a wind chime in my kid’s room and he just loves it.

#6. A plant or a big vase

You can place indoor house plants beside the windows, or a big vase with colourful flowers. The plants or the flowers look really nice; enhance the beauty of the windows as well as the room.

Over to you

Make the windows look interesting and amazing with these tips, and do not neglect them by just hanging a pair of curtains. You can let your imaginations fly. If you can some invest some bucks, then you can install remote controlled drapes for the windows as well. I hope, after reading this post, you will feel better while paying attention to the window treatments. Follow these tips to decorate the windows and make your room look wow.

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