How to Pack For A Move Without Moving Boxes and Wraps

Safe and secured packing is integral to moving household materials without damaging them. Unless you pack your household belongings safely, you will be at the risk of damaging your goods during the move. That’s where the industry grade standard packing materials and supplies come to your rescue. There is no doubt that moving boxes, bubble wraps, bubble peanuts, industry grade tapes etc offer the best protection to your household goods and belongings during the move.

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Interstate Home Relocation Checklist That Won’t Fail

Interstate relocation can be tedious and tiring, especially when you are moving out with plenty of household goods, appliances and with your family members. At one end, you have to look out for affordable and competent packing moving service providers, and at the other end, you have to make all the travel arrangements for your family. The entire process can be even more tiring when you are running out of time, or if you are moving in a hurry.

Sounds familiar? Thankfully, there are ways to tackle the situation much more effectively and conveniently using a quick interstate home relocation checklist. I have been around in the relocation industry for over a decade now, and I am happy to share this easily yet effective checklist that’ll help you to tackle an upcoming interstate home relocation issue much more conveniently.

First thing first, so start with a basic relocation plan.

#1 Interstate home relocation planning

Interstate relocation should be done with adequate planning, because no plan can be worse. So think through and figure out the dates and the process. Some of the important dates that you should work out are the dates of moving your goods and the family.

The second thing that you have to think and plan for is to finalize the inventory that you wish to move. Having a tentative list of major items that needs proper packing and moving can be of great help in assessing the situation as well as in negotiating the price with the moving companies.

When you have the list of major items at hand, you can simply eliminate the guess work and assumptions and therefore eliminate a lot of confusion about the cost of packing, moving and transit insurance.

The next thing to decide is to whether to do it yourself or book the packing and moving service. Do-It-Yourself packing and moving is always an option, but consider this only if you have prior moving experience and you have plenty of time at hand, and you are willing to spend time arranging and doing everything that it takes to pack and move your own.

Using professional mover packer service is always recommended for long distance household relocation needs.

#2 Screening movers for long distance move

This is one of the biggest tasks, and if you want to do it right (which I am sure you want), you got to spend some time in finding, screening and choosing a moving service company that is proficient, reliable and affordable.

Usually, removal companies are available locally these days, and therefore the best way to get started is to look out for a few of the well known local removal companies available near you.

Share the list of items including all the major and small household goods and appliances, tentative dates when you want to move and ask for a written quotation.

You may also ask the movers to do a pre-move home survey (which they do for free) and then quote a price, as that may help avoid future pricing confusion and dispute. In-home survey helps them assess the efforts and hence they are able to produce accurate moving estimates.

Once you have the moving quotations in your hand, you can quickly compare and negotiate as needed and then finally choose a mover that you like the most.

When choosing a moving company, you should always pay attention to

  • The company and its credentials
  • Packing quality and handling process
  • Policies and payment terms
  • Pre and post move support
  • Other value added services
  • Overall packing and moving charges

At the time of hiring moving services, we often fall for lower costs and cheaper services and then end up with surprises. And therefore, it is important to be double sure about the credentials of the company you are considering for your upcoming interstate home relocation.

Now that the planning is done and the movers are on board, it’s time to prepare and move, and we’ll talk about that in the next step.

#3 Preparing for interstate move

The next important task at hand is to arrange the tickets or make travel arrangements for the family members. If you don’t want to drive or there is no way to drive through, then make suitable travel arrangements for your family members.

Once that is sorted, you have to do some preparations before the movers arrive for packing everything. Usually the packing and loading is done the same day, so you should be prepared.

There are certain things that you should always keep in mind and the movers may advise you, such as:

  • Switch off all the home appliances a day before, especially fridge and washing machine
  • Stop using home and kitchen appliances one day prior to the scheduled move day
  • Mop and dry all the appliances
  • Collect and group loose items together that needs to be packed and moved
  • Pack a first aid kit and carry it with yourself
  • Keep all the medicines etc that may be required by your family members
  • Pack all the valuables and documents that you should carry with yourself
  • Print out the tickets etc and keep it at a safe place
  • Keep the quotations, bills, payment receipts etc safely

And add other tasks as per the situation and based on your needs in the list above.

Remember, the key to safe and hassle-free home relocating is detailed planning. With detailed advanced planning not only you can manage the entire relocating process easily, but it helps send your goods safely and without any hassles.

Over to you

As I always say, interstate home relocation can be overwhelming, especially if you’re moving for the first time, and you have no helping hand. The best you can do to tackle the home relocation blues is to plan and act smartly.

I have already shared a quick and simple three step checklist for interstate home relocation that will make the entire relocation safer and hassle-free for you.

Have you relocated to another state in the recent time? If yes, then feel free to share how you managed the entire relocating process by commenting below.

Happy relocating!

How to Prepare Financially for Relocating to Other City

Relocating to another state or a distance city can be emotionally and physically exhausting. But it’s not only that, we can’t really ignore the financial aspects of relocating to a new place.

The longer the distance, the more will be the moving expenses, so we need to get our finances right from the very beginning. Now, talking about the monetary matters, most people are concerned about the overall moving costs which includes the packing costs, the price of the movers, the transportation costs, moving insurance etc. But, you need to understand that monetary concerns do not end with you relocating to a new place. But you also have to think of surviving for initial days.

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Household Move on a Weekday or on a Weekend: Which Is Better?

The moment you decide to move a house, you’ll start wondering about what to do, where to start and how to ensure safe, secured, hassle free and cost effective relocation for all household goods and articles. Since moving a house is probably one of the most complicated and stressful things to do, you have to plan everything very minutely.

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Finding Movers for Home Relocation Services in Gurgaon

Finding movers and pacers companies who offers home relocation services in Gurgaon is just a matter of one simple web search. But there is a small little problem and that is even if you find a relocation company, you still have to be cautious enough to ensure that the mover you are talking to is worth it.

Number of complaints against movers and packers companies has increased in recent years. Plenty of shady professionals are entering in to this business and there is no easy way to filter them out. We are doing our bit at ServiceSutra and ensuring no shady professionals are allowed to become a part of this trustworthy community of competent relocation service providers in Gurgaon or elsewhere in India. Continue reading Finding Movers for Home Relocation Services in Gurgaon

5 Smart Strategies to Make Home Relocation Affordable

Home relocation is a process of relocating domestic household goods and articles. You may relocate your home locally within the city or from one city to another city. When you relocate locally, it’s called local home relocation and when you are moving out from one city to another one it’s called a long distance home relocation.

Obviously packing and transporting everything from one city to another or even within the city could be a tedious thing. There are lots of smaller tasks and entities and a great deal of coordination will be needed to get it right. Fortunately there are relocation companies available who offer all types of home relocation services – both local and domestic ones.

But there is a small little confusion and that is when you speak to three or four different relocation companies and ask them about rates and charges of relocation services, you’ll be surprised to notice the gap between rates of relocation services of all of these companies. Some time you’ll like the rates but not the company, and at other times, you may love the profile of the company but may not afford them because their rates are higher. Continue reading 5 Smart Strategies to Make Home Relocation Affordable

Home Relocation Companies in Delhi: Home Shifting Service

Home relocation companies in Delhi can help you with home shifting and relocation in Delhi NCR. There are various home relocation companies in Delhi and NCR region who specialize in handling different types of relocation, shifting and storage related services. Relocating household materials like TV, fridge, washing machine and other home appliances is a complicated process, but only when you plan to relocate without adequate planning. But when you have a home shifting plan in place and deal with a trusted relocation companies in Delhi, you can relocate your household goods without any hassle.

Finding and hiring a trusted relocation company in Delhi for home shifting services is one of the crucial decisions you would be taking. After all it’s the relocation company and their people who will be carrying the vital tasks such as packing, loading, unloading, unpacking and rearranging after delivery of your goods. So it’s important, really important. Continue reading Home Relocation Companies in Delhi: Home Shifting Service

Relocation Service Providers in India: Bangalore, Delhi, Pune

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How to do packing for hassle free moving and shifting in India

Packing and moving is a common phenomenon, you can neither ignore it nor embrace it at ease. Yes, it’s tough to relocate to a new home, but it isn’t impossible to make it a bit hassle-free. All you need to do is keep calm, and plan it on! Just plan properly before you pack and move to a new destination/home.

Among everything else, how to do packing is probably one of the most important questions you can ask when shifting and relocating your goods. How to do packing with the kind of packing materials you have and ensure it can be transported safely without damaging anything is really important.

It’s common for us to do the packing of some of the items like kitchen utensils etc of our own and claim that we have done the packing of most common items and there are not many items. We hope we make such claims, movers will quote us a little us. This may be true to some extent, but don’t forget that packing that you have done is not of any standard (most likely) and you will be responsible for any damage if happens.

Ask yourself several times if you have packed it right, most likely movers will take your word for it, but that’s not the right way to do it. If you want to pack yourself to save the costs, then rather learn how to do the packing and then do it like a professional.

In this post, I am going to share some amazing tips that should answer your query about how to do packing like a professional mover does and shift your household goods without any hassle.
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