Household Move on a Weekday or on a Weekend: Which Is Better?

The moment you decide to move a house, you’ll start wondering about what to do, where to start and how to ensure safe, secured, hassle free and cost effective relocation for all household goods and articles. Since moving a house is probably one of the most complicated and stressful things to do, you have to plan everything very minutely.

Household move on a weekday or on a weekend: which is better?
Household move on a weekday or on a weekend: which is better?

Among all the other tasks that you have to look in to, choosing a moving date or moving day I would say is not easy. Whether to move on a weekday or on the weekend is one big mystery because the day of the week you choose to move may have its advantages and disadvantages.

Based on my years of experience in helping people in moving their house, I find move on a weekday to be better than move over the weekends. But wait; there are many pros and cons to both – moving on a weekday and during the weekends.  

Moving can be tiring and frustrating at times – from sorting out inventory of household goods to be packed and moved, to finding a reliable moving service, negotiating moving costs, getting transit insurance and checking possibility of other value added services like short term storage etc, it takes a lot of planning and getting into details at micro level.

If anything goes wrong in planning your move, then the bitter taste will remain for long and hence it’s always better to plan everything minutely and perfectly. Even to the level that you should clearly know which moving date will work best for you: a weekend move or a move on a weekday.

If there is an upcoming move and you are unsure about choosing the date of move, then here’s the post worth checking. Today in this post I am going to talk about which is best: household move on a weekday or on the weekend.

As I said, I personally find moving on a weekday to be better than moving on a weekend for weekdays move are comparatively cheaper because the movers are generally not too busy during the weekdays. But there are many pros and cons of choosing a day for your move and I am discussing it all in this post.

So are you ready to compare and explore both the options – moving on a weekday vs moving on a weekend?

I heard you saying yes, so let dive in.

Pros and Cons of moving on a weekday and weekend

Last week only, I came across a gentle man who was planning for local shifting within Delhi NCR and he was pretty much sure of the moving date. The logic of choosing the moving date was that the day was lucky for him and he wanted to ensure that he’ll move on that particular date and predefined hours.

So, the point I am trying to make is that there are people who trust in lucky days and there are many who just don’t dig deeper.

Whether you trust in lucky numbers or lucky days or not is a different matter all together. But the moving date you choose to move your house can have both positive and negative consequences like moving costs, your work schedule, availability of movers and so on.

Benefits of moving on a weekend

Moving over a weekend is the obvious choice and most of the move happens during the weekends and month ends. Obviously one of the biggest advantages of moving over the weekend is that you don’t have to take off from your office and you can manage everything during the one or two days of weekend as per your work schedule.

Listed below are a few of the major benefits of moving on a weekend:

You don’t have to take leave from office

Taking a leave from office may not be possible at times, especially when you are on a tight work schedule. Also if you take an unpaid leave, then there will be some monetary loss and I am sure you don’t want that. This is the primary reason for many to opt for a move during the weekend or on a weekly off day.

Your kids don’t have to skip school

During the weekends your kids will be home because their schools will remain closed. Their tuition classes will also remain closed and that’s a big advantage. If you are moving during the weekdays then you’ll be forced to disturb your kids, take off from their school and tuition classes.

Friends and family will be around

As you know, moving a house will become much easier when you have friends and family to help and support you through the process. Naturally, they will be available during the weekend and hence you can seek their help and support.

More time for packing and unpacking

One of the other major benefits of moving during the weekend is that you don’t have to hurry things. You will get a little more time to pack everything properly, move and then unpack and settle in your new home.

Not sure if this is the first time you’re moving, but post move unpacking can be equally tiring and it takes lots of time to properly unpack and get settled and hence if you are moving on a weekend, you will get the time needed to unpack and arrange your new home properly.

Lighter traffic

If you are moving locally, then moving on a weekend means you will get clear traffic and that’s a huge benefit. If the truck need to make two rounds and there is huge traffic and no entry on some road, then it’s going to be very tiring and hence that’s an advantage of moving during the weekend for traffic will be comparatively smooth and lighter.

That’s about the benefits, but there are some disadvantages as well.

Usually during the weekend, the movers and packers are pretty much occupied and hence they may charge you a little more than what they would charge for a move on weekdays.

In fact, I have seen cases where even after committing the date and time, the movers won’t turn up on time, because they have committed so many customers for the weekend.

Benefits of moving on weekdays

As you already know, one of the biggest advantages of moving on a weekend is that you don’t have to take off from your work. But, if taking off is not a big deal and you can manage to take an off during the weekdays, then moving on a weekday will be highly beneficial for you.

You’ll get best price offers for your move, the movers and not so occupied and hence they will not be in hurry to just finish it off and much more.

Let’s take a look at some of the major advantage and benefits of moving on a weekday

Low moving cost

As you already know, the movers and packers companies are well occupied and busy during the weekends and other holidays, they are most likely to charge a little more than what they would normally charge when they have no work or they are free.

Summer months, last and first week of every month, national holidays etc are the time when they are too occupied and have plenty of work loads. Since this is a service oriented business, they can’t just deny the work and hence they take chances by increasing their prices.

However for days when they are free, and have less or no work, they tend to reduce their moving rates and charges so they can win some work and meet their operational expenses. For example, rainy season is considered to be very dull for moving industry and during those couple of months, they will even offer discount happily to get some work.

Greater availability of movers

Movers and packers is a service oriented business and hence there are quality service providers and then there are mediocre moving companies. And even the leading movers packers are usually not fully occupied during weekdays and hence greater availability of movers and packers companies for your move.

Obviously, when the supply is greater than the demand, the prices are going to be less, even for premium moving companies and hence if you plan to move on a weekday from Monday to Friday, you will have access to good quality moving companies at cheaper rates and so, you will be able to cut moving costs as well.

Greater availability of parking space

I am sure you would agree that during the weekdays most of your neighbors are going to be in the office and at works. Your neighborhood roads and streets are to be comparatively less crowded and that means you will have greater availability of parking space to park the truck. In fact, the truck can be parked pretty closer to your home, and that will multiply the efficiency at the time of unloading and moving your goods from the truck to your home.

Kids will be in school

So if you are moving locally within the city, then this can be an added advantage. Because of your kids are in the school and you have got a professional moving company involved to help you with packing and moving, then you can fully concentrate on packing and moving of your house, without getting distracted or annoyed by your kids.

There are many other benefits of moving during the weekdays, so for example if you decide to move on a Monday, you are getting three days off (Saturday to Monday) and you can plan everything minutely and correctly in those three days.

And if you are still unsure on choosing a day to move your house, then let’s check which is better by evaluating the pros and cons of moving on a specific day of the week.

Which is better: Household move on a weekend or weekdays?

Now that you know the various benefits of moving during the weekends and weekdays, I am sure you would agree that both have its advantages and disadvantages. While moving during the weekends help you avoid taking off from work, if you move during the week by an unpaid leave, you may be able to save some money on movers and packers charges.

If you are still unsure about which day of the week will work well for your move, then let’s evaluate the pros and cons of moving on a specific day of the week.

Moving on Monday

If you have to take my personal opinion on which is the best day to move a house, then without any doubt, for me, it will be Monday. The simple reason is that if you move on a Monday, you have to take one day off to extend your weekend to three days.

In those three days, you can plan everything patiently from finding quotations of moving companies to sort listing household goods and preparing yourself for the move. And being a weekday, you may negotiate better rates with the moving companies.

Moving on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

Being a working day you have to take an off, but you get to manage pre-move tasks during the previous days, like Saturday and Sunday, which is generally off. You may get better rates from moving companies, but then have to take a day off from work

Moving on Friday

Moving on a Friday is more or less like moving on a Monday. Being a working day, you may have to take an off, but you get extra two days because of weekend, so you get extended off for three days. Obviously when you move on a Friday, you will have extra time to unpack and settle in your new home peacefully and resume work from coming Monday.

Moving on Saturday and Sunday

Saturday and Sundays are considered t be the busiest days for moving companies, so there will be less availability of quality service providers, unless you have booked them well in advance and their prices may be a little higher than weekdays.

But you don’t have to take an off, so no deduction in your salary. If you plan to move on Saturday, then you get extra day to unpack and settle in your new home properly. And if you move on Sunday, then you get Saturday to plan and co-ordinate with the moving company and double check everything to relocate next day.


Whether it’s better to move on a weekday or weekend depends on your circumstances. For majority of the people relocating their home, they prefer to move on a weekend for they don’t have to take any off and they get two days to plan, coordinate and move their goods safely.

Even if the rates and charges of moving companies are going to be a little more, since they don’t have to take an unpaid leave from their work, it works well for such people.

But, there are many who can easily manage to get an off from work, and for them move during the weekdays (either towards the end or early week) works well like on a Friday or Monday.

In my opinion, moving on Friday or Monday is going to suit most of the people, even if they have to take an off, they get greater availability of movers and they can negotiate better rates and offers from moving companies.

Irrespective of the day of the week you want to move your house, if you are looking to get best price offers from leading movers and packers companies, then we can help you straight away. We have got some of the most affordable, safe and cost effective moving companies on board, who are readily available to help you relocate your house and vehicles at cost effective rates, both over the weekend or on a weekday.

Feel free to call us on 07044123404 to find rates and charges of leading movers and packers who happen to serve your city and neighborhood across India.

Have you relocated your home or office? Which day of the week worked well for you?

Feel free to share your experiences, pros and cons of moving on a weekday or over the weekend by commenting below. Until next post, here’s wishing you a very safe, affordable and happy home relocation.

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