How to Deal Smartly with Movers and Packers in India

Movers and packers companies are mushrooming in India, especially in Delhi NCR region, reported The Economic Times. It’s really going to be nightmare for you if you end up with a shady movers and packers company due to lack of information or experience of dealing with movers and packers companies. After all, you don’t relocate your home every now and then and hence you may not have enough knowledge of the process.

You take professional help from movers and packers companies because you trust that they’ve got the expertise, experience and required resources to pack and relocate your goods safely. But what if you come to know that the movers and packers company you are about to hire is actually operating without valid license and registration of its business? How would you know if he is really representing a company or he is working part time to make some extra buck?

Sending your valuable household goods or car using movers and packers companies has its own complications and issues. But when you know the process and understand finer details of the trade, chances are you will end up hiring a truly reliable movers and packers company who will be able to relocate your household or car without any hassle. But if you end up with a mover who is not reliable, chances are you will regret why you did not hired a mover who was well placed but a little costlier than the one you hired. How to Deal Smartly with Movers and Packers in India There is no shortage of movers and packers companies especially in mega cities like Delhi, Gurgaon or Faridabad (Delhi NCR), but when you start making random call and get attracted to cheap movers and packers companies who offer you hard to believe rates, you know you are in the wrong company. Staying away from shady movers and packers companies is one of the biggest challenges here. You can’t afford to not hire movers and packers who are credible.

I will tell you how to deal smartly with movers and packers companies in India and not end up in a mess when you hire them for home shifting, car transportation, household storage or other services. So are you ready? Here we go.

First understand the role of movers and packers companies

Basic role of movers and packers companies in India is to help you relocate along with all types of household goods and articles. It could include everything from a cupboard and sofa set to fridge, washing machines, kitchen appliances and other household materials large or small.

Apart from packing and shifting of usual domestic household materials, movers and packers can also help you with car transportation and storage services. They also offer certain value added services, but we are not discussing that here.

Some of the important roles of movers and packers companies can be summed up as under;

  • Use good quality packing materials to pack each and every item safely.
  • Label each and every box properly so that one can locate them while unpacking.
  • Build a detailed and itemized packing list of goods being packed.
  • Handle each and every item carefully and load them in logical order on to a truck.
  • Get packing list signed and transport your goods to its destination.
  • Deliver your goods on time, get delivery slip signed.
  • Help you unpack and arrange items (when you opt for these value added services)
  • Help you settle claims if anything get damaged as per the value declared.

They play an important role because as a consumer you may not have enough idea about how to pack plasma TV in case when you don’t have its original box. But they can do it quite well using bubble wrap with lots of cushioning to keep it protected.

Responsibilities of movers and packers

Obviously one of the key responsibilities of movers and packers companies in India is to ensure your goods are packed and moved in safe and sound condition within a stipulated time frame. Delays of a day or two in case of odd route, technical issues, weather conditions, or due to a natural calamity can be considered given that they keep you posted about your consignment.

But unfortunately that may not happen especially when the mover is at fault and he has manipulated you with hard to believe rates. They way they outsmart you with the lowest rate offer is simple. They (the movers) hope they will book a couple of other order and combine them all in one consignment in same route/destination to save the cost of transportation. But unfortunately that may not happen before a few weeks and hence your consignment could get delayed.

However that’s the practice of shady and unprofessional movers and packers companies who are not here to build a business, but to just make some extra money. Premium service costs dearly and choice is always with the consumer cheap or best or a balance between cheap and best.

Consumer: your responsibility when hiring movers and packers

Since it’s about your goods, you have more responsibility. You are responsible for trusting a moving service provider who offers you much cheaper rate than what other moving companies might have quoted you.

It’s also your responsibility to verify the credential of the movers and packers before you sign a contract with them and award the job. Did you asked for papers of registration of business or service tax or PAN card in the name of the company? If not do it now.

Here are a few things you must consider and look into before finalizing a movers and packers company for home relocation or car transportation in India.

  • Understand the process from start to end from a couple of different movers and packers companies.
  • Take estimates and ideas of costs of relocation from three or more companies so that you can analyze everything properly.
  • Don’t trust verbal commitments. It has no value. Ask for evidence of everything like their company, their branch, support policy, and cost breakups.
  • Ask for references of some of the past customer so that you can verify about the quality of service.
  • Read terms and conditions properly and feel free to add clauses if needed to ensure you are safe if anything goes wrong.
  • Declare genuine value of the goods being packed and moved and take insurance accordingly.
  • Sign the packing list after reading it carefully.
  • Never pay in cash and always work out a feasible payment term.
  • Remember the amount you pay for service is related to their liability (maximum up to 12 times)
  • So if the freight charge you paid is 10000/- then mover is liable for maximum of 1.2L irrespective of the value of the goods being packed and moved.

When you follow some of these tricks, the movers and packers will also understand that you know about the process and you are not going to be manipulated quite easily. One of the most important things is to be sure. Be sure with whom you are dealing and on what terms and conditions.

What if anything goes wrong?

This is a very crucial question you should ask a potential movers and packers company you are considering to work with. Assuming the mover is expert and they are legitimate, but there is no control on human error here and there. What if something goes wrong and there is some damage (partial or full damage)?

To deal with any such circumstances, there is insurance. You ought to declare true value of your goods and then with the help of the movers and packers you can make claims. Claims are limited to maximum value of up to 12X of the total freight charges excluding the taxes and less than the total value declared for the goods being moved.

Also there is a fixed time frame, usually within a day or two you should report about any loss or damage because movers won’t be responsible if you report damage after a week or two. So have all of the contact details (phone number of key executives, email, website) etc documented and at a place where you can find them when needed.

You ought to know these things and put it on paper. It’s a fact that the shady companies will automatically get filtered when you do proper evaluation and verification of their registration and licenses.

Just a little bit of awareness and research could help you outsmart the movers and packers.

Hope you have gained some expertise and feel smarter now. But that’s not all on offer, there’s more for you. Here’s a bonus tip – cool compilation of 75 packing and moving tips to help you get it right.

Over to you

There are complexities involved in finding, screening, negotiating and finally moving. There are so many things that need attention and when you ignore such basic things, you expose yourself to get fooled by shady and cheap moving companies. Be practical and be aware.

Have you ever hired a movers and packers company in India? How was the experience and how did you ensured that you are dealing with a good company and on good terms?

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