Home Shifting Services in India: Find a Mover in Budget

“How much does it cost to hire a packers and movers for shifting in India?” Isn’t this the first question that you would ask while planning to hire a packers and movers for home shifting in India? Whether you are being compensated by your employer, or you have planned to hire a packers and movers for home shifting services in India yourself, wouldn’t you want to find out the costs of packing and shifting services? Am sure you definitely will.

Finding out the costs of home shifting services in India is not very easy. There are lots of factors that can determine the rates of the relocation. The distance between two places, to the volume of goods and quality of packing materials, and many other factors determines the cost of relocation. Here in this post, we will go through all the factors and help you create a budget for home shifting in India, along with all your household goods and items. We’ll also talk about few tips that will help you to save money, and move your house within your budget.

Home Shifting in India

For the sake of clarity, this post is divided into three sections. And those three sections are as following:

  • Budgeting your home shifting
  • Saving money while moving a house
  • Getting competent estimates for home shifting from movers

So, are you ready to prepare a budget for your move and save money on home shifting?

Budgeting your home Shifting

Usual convention is to estimate the costs of hiring packers and movers companies for home shifting. But, if you look at it carefully, the moving costs would include more than that. Different types of costs are involved both pre and post move, and of course during the move which you are already accounting for. It’s really important to account all types of pre as well as post costs involved during the relocation. Keeping an account is essential because you will be hiring a packers and movers company. As already stated before, rates and charges of packers and movers for home shifting services in India depends on several factors and some of them are enlisted below:

  • Volume and weight of the household goods that you want to move.
  • Distance between your current house and the new house.
  • The Floor of the apartment in which you are moving to.
  • Distance of the parking space from your house.
  • Value added service like unpacking and re-arranging services that you might require.
  • Timing of your shift (season or day)

All the factors listed above remains the same, but the season of shifting is something that you can control to a good extent. Which time of the year or which day of the month or week you are planning to move, will also have some effect on the costs of your shifting.

It’s better to avoid shifting your house in following days and seasons.

  • Home Shifting is bound to cost during summer. Because most of the transfer happens during this period of the year.
  • Home shifting in India will be cheaper during off season, for e.g. from early October to late March.
  • Shifting during holidays or weekend may cost more, because most of the movers and packers will be occupied during weekends.
  • End of month is considerably the busy period for movers, because mostly people leave or enter a new house in end of a month or 1st week of a month.

Since you are preparing a budget before relocating, let me remind you that cost of packers and movers service provider is not the only cost that you should include in the budget. There maybe other costs involved too, such as:

  • Costs of traveling and accommodation for your family members, while your goods are still being transported.
  • Setting up your new house and arranging essential utilities.
  • Costs of moving your pet if you have any.
  • Costs of shifting your car if any.

Apart from above costs, there is a cost involved in buying transit insurance for your goods. Insurance is not an optional thing and I insist you insure your goods before allowing it to get transported.

Hope you have got a good idea of the costs involved before, after, and during your home shifting.

Here’s how to save money while moving a house in India

We humans love to save every penny when and wherever possible, and fortunately its possible most of the time. So, if you are planning to move your house and you are a little concerned about costs of shifting, then here are some tips that will help you save your precious money and move your house within a budget.

Get rid of access stuff

Before you approach a packers and movers service provider in India, you should make a detailed list of inventory that you want to pack and move. Once done, take a good look and see if there are any items that you can get rid of. Remember, you can sell out the goods that you haven’t used since a long time, and won’t even use it in near future such as, your kid’s childhood tricycle/bicycle. Once your kids have grownup, there is no point keeping it in your store room. You could sell it, donate it, or just give it to someone for free, who can repair and use it. Firstly, you won’t have to bear the costs of packing and handling, so you are kind of saving money there. If you can sell it out, you will earn more money. If you just give it away, you will earn good karma. So, either ways it won’t be a loss.

Get rid of value added services of movers and packers

Full service movers and packers companies in India, may offer certain value added services. This may include free meal, travel arrangement for your family, facility to send labours the truck, unpacking and re-arranging services, and storage services too. So, if you are cost conscious and wish to save more on tour home shifting services, then simply opt out for these services.

You can book your own tickets and ensure that your new house is ready for possession by the time your goods reaches there. This way you won’t require storage facility even for a day, and obviously you can unpack all of your goods on your own. Unpacking does not need to be done on the same day. It’s okay to take time and unpack slowly. When you don’t use these value added services, you can naturally save a lot of money.

Do it yourself home shifting

Even after eliminating household items that you don’t want to move, your budget might not allow you to hire a full service packers and movers. In that case, do it yourself. Even if you are looking after the packing, loading and unloading process, you can still find a trucking company or may be a mover just to move your goods. Naturally, when you are taking care of most of the task, a movers and packers company will be happy to get your goods transported and this may help you in keeping the costs down. But remember not to compromise with the quality of packing, else it could bring you sacks of loss.

Getting estimates for home shifting

Home shifting can be local, domestic or international. Local shifting is going to cost you much lesser than a domestic shifting. International shifting is going to cost you way more than local or a domestic shifting. In a local shifting, cost will be calculated based on the volume, because distance here plays a very small role. However in a domestic shifting, costs of relocation is be based on volume as well as distance between your current house and the new house (‘source’ from where you are moving to the ‘destination’ you are moving to).

Usually, when you deal with a full service packers and movers company in India, they will be taking care of everything listed below:

  • Packing of household goods
  • Loading
  • Transporting
  • Unloading
  • Unpacking
  • Re-arranging
  • Storage services

Apart from the costs of above services, there are various types of taxes that will be added in the estimate. But not all movers and packers will account for these services in their estimates. So, before finalizing a deal, you should have a detailed discussion with a home shifting service provider, and make sure you know what services are included in the estimates.

Get free in-house survey done before finalizing a moving company

If you are planning to hire a full service movers and packers service provider, then it’s better to compare rates and charges of multiple service providers. When you compare them, you get better understanding and even the power to choose a service provider who is offering you better deal. Movers and packers companies in India offer free in-house survey, where they come over to your home and inspect everything. When they look through all of the items which are to be packed and moved, moving companies can give you more accurate estimates. Also as they (movers and packers companies) come over to your place, you get the opportunity to ask them all types of questions and get clear understanding of what is covered, and what’s not in their estimates.

After looking at everything and evaluating all of the offers, you can take a decision and choose a mover according to your budget.


Home shifting is a complicated and costly affair, especially when you are doing a domestic relocation. Costs of home shifting depend on several factors, and when you know those factors, you can deal with movers and packers in easily using better ways. While dealing with movers, take quotations from different service providers, because all of them have different pricing criteria and obviously when you explore options, you may end up hiring a mover who fits your budget.

What according to you is the vital thing that one should do to save money while shifting a house in India?

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