11 Things to do after moving to a new house (after move checklist)

After move checklist: 11 Things to do after moving to a new houseMoving to a new house means starting a new phase of your life, and this change will bring some new developments too. When you shift to a new house, there are certain very important things that you must do, in order to get settled comfortably and live a peaceful life. Checking these things will help you to get rid of the unwanted hassles and the problems in near future. Here’s a detailed after move checklist with list of top 11 things you should be doing after moving to a new house.

After moving to a new house, you have to look after some of the basic necessities and you just cannot do without them. For example, water, electricity, gas, basic understanding of the locality, updating address etc. It is important to look after some of these essentials after moving to a new house and this post is going to help you get it right.

11 Things to do after moving to a new house

When you move to a new house, moving your goods with the help of movers is just beginning. There is a lot more to be done so that you can settle comfortably and live happily. Obviously, you can’t really do everything in the first day after moving, but you should have a plan in place and get certain things done.

I have enlisted some of the major things to do below in this post. You may like to use this like a checklist and tick off each of the tasks as you finish them.

Are you ready to go? Get started then.

1. Updating address: This is the most primary thing to do. With the shifting to your new home, your first thing is to do get the address changed, so that you do not miss any important bills or the daily newspaper. Go to the postal office and ask them what the formalities that you have to do are. Even you have the address in your bank accounts, office and many other important places. Make sure that the address is changed in all the places wherever you have the old house address. This is the first and the foremost thing.

2. Check your street number: The street number should be visible in your house, so that you do not miss any delivery. The house number should be visible from the streets, so that if there are any movers or any other person, then he will get your address easily.

3. Water and electricity: These two are the basic amenities all of us need to leave comfortably. Without them you cannot even live one day. You need these two from the first day. Make proper and prior arrangements so that you can get the water and electricity after moving to a new house the moment you step into the house. Check the wires and the pipes well, so that they are in proper condition. If you see that it is better to change them then do that as soon as possible, to avoid any future hassles.

4. The gas stove: This is another item in the list. This is essential, talk to the gas suppliers, and do the formalities. If you do not have the gas burners in the first one or two days then you can order or buy foods from outside, but after that you need a burner.

5. Update the voter card and driving license: These are the most important documents and you need to change the address there after you move to a new place. Otherwise, you can have some unnecessary hassles as these documents are actually your identity proof.

6. Change the locks: It’s seriously important to fully secure your home and you should start by changing the locks. The locks of the new home have to be changed instantly. For security reasons, this is a must. Do not trust on the prevailing locks, buy new locks and install them.

7. Emergency kit: It is very important to pack an emergency survival box when moving. Emergency kit  or the essential survival kit should have all the essential first aid items. During moving and shifting there can be some situations where you will need first aid. Keep the first aid kit at a known place, so that you can find it easily when needed.

8. Know the important places: The water shut offs, the fuse, the meter box, the emergency exit, all these places must be checked. You must know these after you shift to a new home.

9. The unpacking: This can be a messy and a tedious task. The unpacking has to be done gradually and steadily. Do not try to unpack everything in one day. It may take a week or two to unpack the things and settle fully. But, make three rooms ready for everyday use, the bathroom, kitchen and the bedroom. You need these spaces every day, so make them ready first and then unpack the other items from the box.

10. Know the local facilities: You must gather the information about the local areas, the transport and the facilities like the school, college, hospitals, markets etc. You will require these facilities once you shift to a new area.

11. Socialize with neighbors: This is an important step towards getting acquainted with the new place. Once your home is set, invite your neighbors cordially to your new abode. Socializing with the neighbors is of great assistance. You can get much useful information and also help from your neighbors.

Over to you

Once you start your life in a new place, you can find certain things challenging. There are some formalities and paper works that you must do, but once you are set, your life will continue as it were. Do not worry, just follow the points I mentioned in the article, and you can find the things that you have to do. You can make a list of the things that you have to do, and then act accordingly. I hope I could help you by mentioning the things to do after you shift to your new house.

Thank you for reading this post, now please spread the message by sharing it! 🙂

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