How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget the Right Way

All of us desire having a home of our own and when we have that desire fulfilled, we want to decorate it to make it aesthetically amazing and functional as per our living standards. Sadly, there are many who still believe that home decorating is a costly affair and that it requires plenty of money to hire an interior designer to design and decorate a beautiful home. But the fact of the matter is that decorating your homed does not require lots of money, even when you hire an interior designer. There are ways that’ll help you cut the decoration cost and you can actually decorate your home on a budget, and I’ll help you do that.

The whole idea of decorating your home can be overwhelming and may sound like a budget intensive project. But when there is a budget issue, you just have to replace the decor elements while decorating your home with limited budget.

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How to Choose the Right Rugs and Curtains for Your Home

When you choose the right rug with the right curtain for your space, it will simply change the whole vibe of the space while on the other hand, if you fail to get the right rug or curtain, it can make your room look very clumsy and dull. Therefore, you need to pick the right rug and curtain so that it perfectly complements the interior of your home. Now, if you are puzzled and wondering how to choose the right rugs and curtains, then this post is worth reading for you. In this post, I am sharing some of the easiest tips on how to choose rugs and curtains that will perfectly go with the interior decoration of your sweet home. Continue reading How to Choose the Right Rugs and Curtains for Your Home

21 Christmas Decoration Tips You Can Actually Use

If you are excited and looking for handpicked Christmas decoration tips and ideas then this is the post you can’t afford to miss.

The most awaited and one of the widely celebrated festivals Christmas is coming soon. Christmas is all about decorating your home, exchanging gift, shopping for Christmas tree, Christmas caps, lots of lights and having a good time with your friends and family. I am very excited and looking forward to amazing Christmas decoration, shopping and having a great time with friends and family. Continue reading 21 Christmas Decoration Tips You Can Actually Use

13 Tips for Decorating Rental Apartment in Budget

Decorating rental apartment can be tricky especially because we know we may have to vacate the place within 11 month or on a short notice. Who would want to spend money on an apartment where they have moved in temporarily? I have stayed in rental flats for many years and know how it feels when you want to improve the look of the room, but you can’t. Continue reading 13 Tips for Decorating Rental Apartment in Budget

Tips and Ideas to Make Your Room Interesting and Exciting

No matter how well designed and decorated your house is, over a period of time, you have to make changes in order to keep it interesting and exciting. We often get bored with same look, feel and style and as you know, style and trends always change. And it changes very frequently.

Are you among those who like to make things more interesting by adding some small little creative tweaks in the decor? Do you like to experiment with the overall décor of your room and try to make it more interesting and exciting? I personally get bored easily and hence I always look for new and exciting decor tips and ideas to make my room look better and interesting.
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45 Home Interior Decorating Tips You Can Use At Your Home

I keep on making minor changes with interior decoration at my home to ensure it’s as per the latest trend and decor styles. No matter how well your interior designer was and home much of money you spent for interior decorating of your home, chances are, you would still like to make changes. This is what I was going through, after a few months of getting interior work done at my home.

I started looking around and found plenty of useful interior decorating tips on several websites including Quora. I am sure you have also read through several posts and articles about interior decorating tips on internet through various websites and blogs. But you may not have implemented and followed all those interior decorating tips while decorating your home. Continue reading 45 Home Interior Decorating Tips You Can Use At Your Home

How to Decorate Home Beautifully: The Ultimate Guide

To decorate home, you need loads of imagination, creative thinking and creativity. Imagination and creativity can do wonders in decorating a home but only when you can foster these traits well. When it comes to decorating, one usually starts panicking and feels tensed about how to decorate home perfectly. Well, to be really honest, if you want to decorate your entire home without any hassles and with perfection, then you may either contact an interior decorator or try doing it yourself. Continue reading How to Decorate Home Beautifully: The Ultimate Guide

7 Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Home Easily

Are you struggling in finding ideas and ways to decorate your home and make it look stunning and extremely attractive? There are many ways to decorate your home and you may not necessarily need to hire an interior decorator for that. In fact the idea of hiring interior decorators for every small little thing may not be possible all the time and secondly there is a cost associated to it. Continue reading 7 Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Home Easily

Interior designing of your home like a professional Interior Designer

Often we rely on the expertise suggestions of professional Interior Designers and Decorators to decorate our home or office and there is nothing wrong in doing so. After all they are the professional and have gone through extensive training and have done several design so enough experience and one should take their suggestions and feedback for great designs. But lets see the other side. When it comes to your home, you will be living there and probably you know your own taste better than anyone else. How many of us wear designer clothes designed by the reputed fashion designers? After looking at a designer wear have you ever felt that you won’t wear those clothes, even if you know that it’s designed by a famous designer? I have felt like that at several occasions. Anyway, the point what  I am trying to make is, you can do the interior designing yourself without hiring Interior Decorators, just follow certain thumb rules. I am not convincing you for not hiring Interior Decorators, but at times you might feel like doing it yourself without hiring an Interior Decorator. Listed below are a few of the tips to help you improve the interior decoration of your home.


First of all allocate and fix a budget. Some one have said “for decoration of your home or wife, no matter what kind of budget you allocate, there is always a chance of improvement”. So having a budget is very important

Set your Expectations

You must have a clear idea of your own expectations. No matter from where you have taken inspiration, a friends home or a magazine or from an interior decorator, make sure you know what you want and whether it fits your taste well or not. After all we don’t do renovation every now and then.

Select Colors and Shades

Choose colors shades carefully. While choosing colors, make sure you visualize it in day and night. There are some color that looks great during day, but not at night. You may look at several magazines and other references for color ideas.

Know your floor and its structure

This is very important. You must understand that something, which was looking good in 10X10 room, may not look good in 20X20 room. Something that looked good in a square floor may not look good in a diagonal shape floor. So while visualizing your designs, consider thinking about these things.

Furniture and Accessories

Remember each of the elements like sofa, tables, flowerpots; curtains etc together make a perfect room. So pay attention to detail and finalize these elements carefully. Now when you have already worked or working on above, its time to consult your friends and spouse. A creative idea could come from anywhere, so take input, discuss and finally get going. In case you wish to hire a consultant Interior Designer then don’t hesitate; it will further enhance your overall renovation plan. After all who can guide you better than a professional interior decorator.

Over to you

Should you or should you not hire a professional when you want to decorate or renovate your home? If such a question arises, don’t get confused, do what you feel is the best. Certainly, both options present a series of advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to do everything yourself you get to save some money, but if you hire a professional everything will be easier and you’ll even learn a thing or two. You can definitely use the above tips to decorate your home professionally, but you must also agree to the fact that hiring a professional is worth it.

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