9 Difficulties You Face While Relocating To a New Place and Their Solutions

Nowadays, with the change in everyday lifestyle, people are relocating from one place to another be it for higher education, career opportunities, personal reasons or simply job transfer. Local shifting is far easy in comparison to moving to a whole new location like for example new city or a new state or to a different country. The first few days are the most challenging as you will need some time to leave behind an old setup and get adjusted to the new surroundings. We might still be able to adjust but things are all the more challenging for aged adults and young kids. However, the good thing is that you slowly will get adjusted to the changed environment and learn to change yourself accordingly if needed. But, you must always be aware of the possible difficulties that you may have to face in the process in order to tackle the situations better.

9 Difficulties You Face While Relocating To a New Place and Their SolutionsHence, today, I have decided to discuss about a number of possible difficulties you may face while relocating to a completely new place. I hope that, knowing about the possible threats will help you remain prepared from early on. Along with the difficulties, I have also explained the possible solutions that will help you get it right.

Whether you like it or not, the modern lifestyle often puts us into challenging situations where we often have to come out of our comfort zone and face the real challenges. Luckily, the modern generation is quite advanced to take challenges that come their way. Trust me, moving away from a place where we took birth or have lived for years and then settling down in a completely new location is not easy.

Apart from the various difficulties we face while relocating, emotional setbacks is probably the most challenging one. I have once been there and so I know the how it feels. It is all the more upsetting when you get separated from your loved ones and is put in a situation where maybe you will see them once or twice, that too after a long gap.

It is a fact that sometimes, we do need to leave things behind in order to get some other good things in life. So, I am with you in your journey and my list of possible difficulties you may probably face while relocating to a completely new place and their solutions will guide you to take preventive measures and get out of it comfortably.

So, are you ready to learn about the difficulties one may face while relocating to a new place? I see you saying yes. So let us begin with today’s topic of discussion without further delay.

Difficulties in relocating to a new place and their solutions

Life is a battlefield and you must be ever ready to face the challenges, but having a fair idea on the possible hardships help to handle the situation in a much better way.

Listed below are the most common difficulties you may face while relocating to a completely new place with their solutions. Check the points carefully and prepare yourself accordingly.

Difficulty in finding a house to live

One of the primary difficulties you may face while relocating to a completely new place is finding a suitable home for you to stay. Unless you are getting an accommodation by your employer, finding a home to stay in a new city is going to be challenging.

It is not that easy considering the fact that the place is quite unknown to you. There is also a debate whether you will contact an agent to help you find a home or will you directly get in touch with home owners. Even though, you finally decide who to go for, it is often difficult to find someone who is worthy of your trust from sitting in a faraway place.

Besides, if you get information about any home which they help you buy or take as a rent, that home may itself not be suitable for you. There may be lack of space or the home environment may not be that good for your lifestyle or there may be some other shortcoming. So, finding a perfect home for you in a new location, and that too if you are not able to visit it before, is often full of hardships. And, the most difficult part is, you may not like the home when you finally reach the place but you may not have other options left with you.


What is little comforting here is that, nowadays more and more options are available online. So you can just sit in your home, take your time, do some good research and proper verification and then find a home to stay that is best for you. It is always preferable that you get involved in the matter more actively than leaving it on to someone else.

Difficulty in dealing with the landlord

You may avoid contacting any agent but avoiding a house owner is not possible especially if you are planning to rent a house. See, if you are lucky enough, then you will get a good landlord with whom you can gel up well, otherwise it might get difficult to deal with the landlord. There are in fact, many such owners who all of a sudden visit the home which they have rented just to see how well you have kept the home. They do it because they live in constant fear that their home may be ruined. So, yes, dealing with such owners is every bit tricky.


It is very important to gel with the owner properly before you confirm taking their home on rent. Try to be communicative and discuss about the ways they want their home to be maintained in details. Having clear cut discussion from the very beginning will help you avoid major problems.

Difficulty in commuting

Transport will be difficult in the initial days in your new place. It is obvious as you do not know the roads and the transport facilities available from before. Also, you may be confused which stoppage to get down in case you hired any local transport mainly bus. So, it is common that you may end up spending unnecessary time in transportation and sometimes more fare unknowingly as well.


What you have to do to tackle such matter is use the internet to the best of your advantage. We, today, have GPS systems, Goggle maps that guide you to any path. Also, take the help of the local people to know the roads properly. And, in the initial days, you may actually hire OLA, UBER cabs to reach the destinations mainly which are little far from the home and then when you eventually can identify the roads properly, you may avail the public buses.

Difficulty related to food culture

Food can be real cause of concern in the initial days after you have relocated. See, if you have journeyed a long distance, it may not be possible for you to just go there and immediately start cooking. Moreover, you do need some time to unpack everything and properly arrange and setup your kitchen, and then only you can concentrate on cooking. In addition, shipping of your goods may also take a longer time which may increase your difficulty.

You may be left in a situation where you have to spend a fortune ordering food from the nearby restaurant. But ordering daily meal from the restaurant is not going to be easy and a healthy choice. So, it is one of the crucial difficulties you may have to face after relocating to a new place. You may still be able to adjust but with little kids and older adults, it is often very difficult.


To avoid such stressful situation, you should arrange for some loose food and food essentials that is very easy to cook or can be readily eaten, for example packets of Maggi, biscuits, cakes etc. This will help to satisfy your hunger pangs in the initial times. And, for lunch or dinner, if you plan to order food from restaurant or visit one, then search for a restaurant which has your favorite cuisine or eat foods that are comparatively safer and healthier to eat.

Difficulty in packing and moving

The whole packing and unpacking process is not easy and it is one of the most difficult task to handle while relocating to a completely new city. You will face confusion on which item to carry and which ones to leave behind. once the inventory is sorted, you have to pack everything or hire a professional movers and packers who can help you. And, then there is the tension of safely transporting the goods and then again rearranging the items in your new space. It all takes lots of effort and coordination.


First of all, you need to distinguish which item you need to carry and which you may leave behind. Here’s a detailed post you may like to check about how to sort inventory and what to do with items that you are not carrying. Secondly, you have to hire good packers and movers who can help you with end to end packing and transporting. The best thing about using movers and packers service is that they’ll take care of everything from packing, loading and transporting to unloading and re-arranging.

I would advise you to take the help of online platforms like ServiceSutra, to get in touch with trustworthy packers and movers of your location. It will be safer and also free of any cost.

Difficulties in adjusting to the new environment

Adjusting to the new environment is one of the other difficulties you may face while relocating to a completely new place. Well, if you going somewhere abroad, then it is a big challenge to get settled down properly but even in a diversified country like India, it may be difficult for you to get adjusted. You may face language barrier, cultural differences and also differences in beliefs, traditions etc. You may also face hardships adjusting to the city weather.


Well, there is no shortcut rule to avoid all these difficulties. You just have to give yourself some time to get emotionally and physically settled down and so you must not get impatient. What you can do is to show some curiosity and learn more on their culture. You can talk to the local folks more and more and learn more about the city.

Difficulty in dealing with network providers

You will have to deal with the network providers in the initial days of your relocation and that might be really frustrating at times. You will have to search and do homework regarding which company’s network is the fastest and then accordingly set up your Wi-Fi connections. Then you will also have to take local sim card, change your number, or port your number to some other connection.


You may check from your neighborhood regarding which connection they use and how that works and depending on their feedback you may decide which network connection to take. This will save much of your time and effort. But, for that, you need to approach them and if you are lucky, then they will reciprocate easily.


Well, here comes the emotional part. If you were quite attached to everything in your old home, then nostalgia is definitely one of the biggest difficulties you will face while relocating to a completely new place. Be it the food, the friends, or to be more specific, the whole environment in general, you will miss everything.


There cannot be any obvious solution to it. You will miss everything and time will slowly make you matured and teach you how to deal with separation. And, if you are lucky enough, you will be gifted with equally good people in your lives from your new place that will make life far easier, and hopefully you will slowly start loving the new environment.

Difficulties in finding school for your children

In case you have moved to the new city permanently or for a long period of time, and if you have children, then you will have to admit them to a new school. This means you have to do a lot of research on which is the best school for your child and then take the decision of admitting.

After you have made the decision, you will have to go to the school, make your child give the interview for admission and finish other admission formalities etc. This entire process will be quite hectic and then there is always the added tension whether your child will be able to adjust to the new school environment or not.


This is certainly a huge responsibility but maybe you can take the information from the local people besides doing a little research on your own. And, in case your child became friends with any of the kids in the neighborhood, then you may admit him/her to the school where the other child reads. At least, he/she will find someone to talk to in the initial days before he/she makes other friends there.


Home relocation may be difficult, more so if you are moving to a city that is new for you and you have no idea about the place. The initial days are mostly hard but you learn to cope up with the situation as you start to settle down. But, it is always better to have a brief idea of the challenges that you may have to face there so that you can tackle difficult situations better.

Today, I have discussed about 9 of the possible difficulties you may face while relocating to a new place with respective solutions. I am sure, knowing about these common difficulties and their solution will help you prepare and deal with it in much better ways.

I sincerely hope you have a great relocation and settle down in your new surrounding smoothly. And if you are looking for movers and packers who can help you pack and relocate conveniently, you can create a request for free estimates by submitting the quote request form or calling us on: 07044123404

Until then, stay safe, stay healthy and happy.

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