3 Smart Tips for Safe Storage of Household Goods in India

Household goods storage and warehousing service can be considered in many situations. Whether you are moving to a new city due to job transfer and don’t want to move out everything or whether you are going abroad and want to save on a rented house. Whatever be the reason, the idea is to get your goods properly packed and stored it safely in a warehouse.

There are plenty of storage service providers (read movers and packers) who offer safe and affordable storage service in India. But there are certain rules that must be followed for example each and every item that is supposed to be stored need good quality packing. Whether its furniture or kitchen utensils, it can’t be stored in warehouse unless you get it packed properly.

So virtually it involves packing, moving and storage. When you contact a storage company, they will be charging you for packing, transporting and storing. Packing is one time affair, but transportation is both ways that is from your house to the warehouse and from warehouse to your house.

All about Storage of Household Goods in India

Here in this post, I will give you a good overview of some of the basic rules that one should consider looking at for safe and secured storage of household materials like furniture, kitchen ware, home appliances and other miscellaneous goods.

1. Packing

Proper cleaning and packing is kind of an essential to store household goods safely for longer period of time. If household goods won’t be packed using good quality packing materials, then it may attract dirt or it may get damaged or lost. That’s why proper packing and labeling is essential and it can’t be ignored.

Obviously when you hire a storage company they will be packing everything, but there is a cost associated with packing. But you always have the option of packing your domestic household goods yourself to save the cost. If you want to pack your household items yourself and prepare it for storage there here’s how to get it right.

2. Transportation (both ways)

Storage is similar to local home shifting except that when you shift your house, you pack and move from one of your house to another but in case of storage, you pack and move your goods from your house to the warehouse and again bring it back to your home when needed.

So obviously the cost of handling and transporting is factor that you must consider before your decide to hire a storage company for storage of household materials. It’s a good idea to consider warehouses which is not far away from your home, but you may not be lucky to find one because most of the godown will be just outside the main city near the highways.

You have to consider the cost of transportation because it’s two way; from your house to warehouse and warehouse to your home.

3. Storage

Finally we are at it – storage of household goods. Moving and storage service provider usually have two types of warehousing facility private and shared. Private one is more secure where all your goods are stored in a private area and the shared one is comparatively cheaper because your goods will be stored in common storage space along with goods of other customers.

Storage companies in India offer complete solution for storage of all types of household goods and articles except inflammable, hazardous and other items which is illegal.

Checklist to screen storage companies in India

Almost 80% of the movers and packers companies in India offer storage and warehousing services in India. So there is lots of option, but since it’s a long term contract and most likely you won’t be around, you should not work with shady service provider. Here’s how to screen storage companies in India for long term storage of household goods and materials.

  • Meet the service provider in person and get a in-house survey conducted to know accurate cost of packing, moving and storage services.
  • Visit the warehouse yourself to know about the safety measures in place.
  • Deal with storage companies who are well places and well established.
  • Check all legal papers and documents of the company you are dealing with.
  • Discuss and understand security and risks; what happens in case of fire, flood or any other natural disaster.

Over to you

Storage and warehousing is not all that simple. It is like moving your household goods locally and storing your goods for a few months in between in a warehouse. A little bit of preparedness and understanding is all you need to get it right.

How do you prepare and store your household goods?

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